Shahid Kapoor Mother Neelima Azeem Says Divorcing Pankaj Kapur Was Not Her Decision

Shahid Kapoor Mother Neelima Azeem Says Divorcing Pankaj Kapur Was Not Her Decision



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Veteran actress Neelima Azeem recently opened up about her divorce from actor Pankaj Kapur. Neelima stated that the separation wasn’t her decision and that it was difficult to come to terms with as she and Pankaj shared a deep friendship for a long time. She understood his reasons and eventually overcame the pain of separation.

Neelima Azeem On Divorcing Pankaj Kapur: Wasn’t My Decision

Speaking to Pinkvilla in an interview, Neelima said about her divorce, “I would like to say that I didn’t decide to separate. It’s a fact. He moved on and it was a difficult thing for me to stomach but he also had his reasons. We had been friends from a long time. I think I was 15 years old when I became friends with him. He had very good reasons and I understood it.”

Neelima and Pankaj got married in 1975, and divorced in 1984. The couple had one child, Shahid Kapoor.

She admitted that it was difficult for both as they were very attached to each other. “When there’s a break-up, which is called divorce, it is painful for both. There was a lot of friendship and attachment but there was heartbreak. It’s alright. He’s very well settled with his family today and I wish him well,” she said.

Pankaj later married Supriya Pathak, and had two children with her – Sanah Kapur and Ruhan Kapur.

Talking about the immense support her son Shahid gave her, Neelima said, “He gave me an insurmountable belief in life. I was young so I was able to do it again. It took time though, it took me about a couple of years, but then I was fine.”

Neelima later married Rajesh Khattar, with whom she had another child, Ishaan Khattar. Her marriage with Rajesh ended in divorce a few years later.

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