Sanjivani Actor Gaurav Chopra Reveals His Parents Have Been Diagnosed With COVID-19

Sanjivani Actor Gaurav Chopra Reveals His Parents Have Been Diagnosed With COVID-19



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Gaurav Chopra recently revealed and opened up about his father and mother testing positive for COVID-19 in an interview with the Times of India. The Sanjivani actor’s parents have been hospitalised and are undergoing treatment for at two different hospitals in New Delhi.

Gaurav said, “This is a very tough time for our family and normally, I would not have spoken about it because it is personal. But, I feel that it is important to make people aware of how coronavirus spreads.

Gaurav Chopra

He went on to add, “My mother has been battling advanced-stage pancreatic cancer for the past three years. Almost miraculously, she emerged stronger from it and was doing okay. However, over the past few months, she had not been keeping well and was hospitalised. My father was looking after her in the hospital. And then, she tested positive for COVID-19. A few days later, my dad, too, tested positive.”

Meanwhile, Gaurav who resides in Mumbai is awaiting his brother’s test results to come before he can travel to be beside his family. “I have not travelled to Delhi, because my family has asked me to wait till my brother’s Covid-19 test results come. Since we will be staying in the same house, they fear that I will also get exposed. For now, I am managing everything from here. But, my bags are packed and I am ready to leave any time,” he said.

The 41-year-old on Saturday shared a picture of his parents and nephew along with a heart-touching note on his Instagram account. Gaurav wrote, “This picture is from some years ago: my mom and dad with my nephew. #mom and #dad #parents The ones who bring you into this world. The ones who teach you, raise you, make you who you are. You are a part of them. A reflection. Carrying forward their thoughts and values. Your identity itself is given and nurtured by them. Right now both are fighting in different hospitals. And we are fighting the war with them. For them. If they’re not worth fighting your best for, what is ?! And yes we are. We will. Till they are fine. .Kindly excuse my absence… – their son.”

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