Salman Khan’s film “Radhe” being called “idle” because of these reasons

Last yearBollywood was in the discussion about many of its contraptions. Like the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, apart from Bollywood hypocrisy and hypocrisyBollywood copycat, Struggling actors like Ananya Pandey, the drug controversy over Bollywood has been the talk of many things. Because of this, there was a problem in the minds of people about Bollywood. Because of that, there was very little response to the Bollywood movie.

Due to the Corona call in the middle, many of the pictures were not released at all, then slowed down and started to be released onlinethis is Salman Khan‘s first picture to be released online, so many types of reactions are common thing is people are calling it useless because some 21 scenes have been cut before the release of this picture, while the censor board passed without any cut.

The reason is being told that Salman Khan did not want to get into any kind of contravention, six scenes in this movie have been cut related to drugs, after beating the total cutRadhe movie is just 114 minutes, which It is said to be one of the shortest films of Salman Khan. IMBD rated it 2.5 stars.

Apart from this, the poster of this film resembles lot of the Hollywood movie BRAKEdue to which many people are copying it.


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