Salman Khan Faces Wrath Of Netizens After Launching Branded Masks Amid Pandemic Scare

Salman Khan Faces Wrath Of Netizens After Launching Branded Masks Amid Pandemic Scare



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Salman Khan’s recent promotional move for his clothing brand Being Human didn’t go down well with the netizens, and the superstar received a major backlash on the internet. It all happened when a few days ago, Salman tweeted about the launch of branded masks and wrote, “Being Human Clothing ne aaj mask launch kiya hai. Aur, hamara ek hi task, pehno aur pehnao. Jab aap ek mask kharidenge, apko hamari aur say ek mask free milega, jo aap khud zaroorat mando ko de sakte ho. Shop at Being Human Clothing Stores & @bebeinghuman.”

The actor also shared his picture donning Being Human’s mask of olive green colour. Salman’s tweet instantly received backlash for promoting his own brand amid the pandemic scare, and its unreasonable price too.


A user wrote, “Being Criminal doing Charity 10rs. And promoting that charity work by 1000rs. Through Social media, news papers, media..after so many backlash now Criminal covering this all he always did before also.. when he kill blackbuck, Chinkara, Pavement on people..”

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“Are you sure that you’re still Being Human, Salman ji? Mask hi to pehen rakhe the aap ne itne saalo se (You have been wearing a mask for so many years now),” wrote another user.

Another infuriated user slammed Salman, and wrote, “Ab ye aadmi munh chupaye ghum raha hai…..iske chehre par itne maask/naqab lage hai ki iska khokhlapan duniya ko naa dikhe… Shameful Salman (Now this person is hiding his face. He has covered his face with a mask so that the world can’t see his his shallowness).”

A fan of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput urged people to boycott his brand and wrote, “Boycott the product. We want Justice for SSR. Thanks.”

We’re sure Salman didn’t see it coming. We wonder how would Salman react to the backlash.

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