Rhea’s Lawyer Reveals The Molestation Episode Strained Ties Between The Actress And Sushant’s Family

Rhea's Lawyer Reveals The Molestation Episode Strained Ties Between The Actress And Sushant's Family



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Earlier this month, Sushant Singh Rajput’s family lawyer Vikas Singh had made shocking revelations about a disturbing episode, in which Rhea Chakraborty accused the late actor’s sister Priyanka Singh of allegedly molesting her.

Rhea Chakraborty’s lawyer Satish Maneshinde has now opened up about this incident in his official statement.

Rhea Chakraborty's Lawyer Addresses The Molestation Episode In His Statement

Rhea Chakraborty’s Lawyer Addresses The Molestation Episode In His Statement

He narrated the incident in his statement by saying, “In the initial months of their relationship, when Rhea had visited Sushant’s house, his sister Priyanka and her husband Siddharth were living with him. On one night, in and around April 2019, Rhea and Priyanka had gone out to a party. Priyanka consumed copious amounts of alcohol and was behaving inappropriately with men as well as women at that party. So, Rhea insisted that they return to Sushant’s home. Upon returning, Sushant and his sister continued drinking alcohol while Rhea retired for the night as she had a shoot the next morning. Rhea was asleep in Sushant’s room when she suddenly awoke to find Priyanka had got into bed with her and was groping her. Rhea was extremely shocked and demanded that she leave the room immediately. Subsequently, Rhea herself left the house.”

Rhea's Lawyer Claims The Incident Strained Ties Between Rhea And Sushant's Family

Rhea’s Lawyer Claims The Incident Strained Ties Between Rhea And Sushant’s Family

Satish Maneshinde said that Sushant got into an argument with his sister Priyanka when Rhea informed him as to what had transpired. He said that due to the aforesaid incident, the relationship between Sushant’s family and Rhea had been strained since inception. Even after his death, when a list of 20 people was made to attend the funeral, Rhea’s name was not included in the list and she was missing at the funeral.

 'Nothing Incriminating Has Been Found Against Rhea Till Today,' Says Her Lawyer

‘Nothing Incriminating Has Been Found Against Rhea Till Today,’ Says Her Lawyer

Rhea’s lawyer said that the actress has been summoned by Mumbai police and Enforcement Directorate on several dates for inquiry, investigations and gathering electronic evidence. He further said that she has appeared on all the appointed dates when ever summoned as a law abiding citizen. Both the agencies have investigated her relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput and her financial status at great length.

Maneshinde revealed that the Mumbai police and ED have collected all Electronic, Forensic and Medical including DNA evidence in the case. He further said that the bank Statements, income tax returns, CCTV, CDR and Electronic Data are with both agencies.

Rhea’s lawyer in his statement, said that till today, nothing incriminating has been found against the actress.

Here's When Sushant And Rhea Began Dating

Here’s When Sushant And Rhea Began Dating

Rhea’s lawyer revealed that the actress and Sushant were known to each other over the past several years as they were both working in the Indian Film Industry. They had maintained a cordial friendship and would occasionally communicate with each other. In April 2019, Rhea and Sushant had attended a party hosted by the film fraternity and shortly thereafter, they began dating each other. Even though they spent a lot of time in each other’s homes , they officially moved in together in December 2019 and live at Mount Blanc, Bandra, till Rhea left on June 8, 2020.

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