Ranveer Singh On Resonating With Gully Boy Murad | People Say That Role Was Tailor-Made For Me

Ranveer Singh On Resonating With Gully Boy Murad | People Say That Role Was Tailor-Made For Me



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Ranveer Singh’s performance in the 2019 movie, Gully Boy, won the love of audiences and critics. Ranveer essayed the role of Murad, a rapper from Mumbai, who triumphs as an underdog. For many reasons, Ranveer is grateful to have been part of this Zoya Akhtar directorial. Ranveer said in a recent interview, that his love for Mumbai, hip hop, and the character of Murad, were the elements that made him resonate with the film.

People Said Murad's Role Was Perfect For Ranveer

People Said Murad’s Role Was Perfect For Ranveer

IANS quoted Ranveer as saying about the role, “A lot of people who know me a little say that the role was perfect for me or tailor-made for me and I will tell you why, because it was a combination of a lot of things that resonate with me very, very deeply.”

Ranveer's Love For Mumbai

Ranveer’s Love For Mumbai

He also expressed his love for his hometown, which is Mumbai. “One is my love for Mumbai, I am a bonafide Mumbai lad so my love for the city where I am born – yeh meri karm bhoomi hai, janam bhoomi hai. So, it means a lot to me and I am very proud of my city, mahanagri isse kehte hain and I see all the beautiful aspects of it and I wanted to lay tribute to it if the opportunity were to come about and Gully Boy was that perfect opportunity,” he said.

'Zoya Created A Love Letter For Mumbai'

‘Zoya Created A Love Letter For Mumbai’

He added, “What Zoya created was a love letter to Mumbai and along with the theme of Mumbai city, there was rap and hip hop which also resonates with me very, very deeply. I started listening to rap and hip-hop at a very young age.”

How Murad And He Are Similar

How Murad And He Are Similar

Talking about how he was able to connect with Murad, he said, “The essence of the character, the core of the character and that is something I really, really resonated with. Because I always wanted to be an actor, just the way this guy always wanted to be a rapper and the conditions he finds himself in, the given circumstances aren’t necessarily favourable in achieving this dream of his. But he perseveres, believes in himself and finally makes it.”

Gully Boy also starred Alia Bhatt, Kalki Koechlin, Vijay Varma, and debut actor Siddhant Chaturvedi.

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