Rakhi Sawant Says ‘Arshi Khan Bilkul Bakwaas Hai; She Calls You A Friend & Then Backstabs You’

Rakhi Sawant Says 'Arshi Khan Bilkul Bakwaas Hai; She Calls You A Friend & Then Backstabs You'



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Of late, Rakhi Sawant has been hitting the headlines for her Bigg Boss 14 entry. The controversial queen, who is currently under quarantine, will soon enter the Bigg Boss 14 house as a challenger. Fans are eagerly waiting for her entry. As we all know, Rakhi and Arshi Khan, who is also a challenger and is currently in the house, were good friends. However, the duo turned enemies later. Recently, in an interview with Bollywoodlife, Rakhi spoke about her frenemy Arshi and revealed how she is all set to spoil her game post entry!

Rakhi Sawant On Bigg Boss 14

Rakhi Sawant On Bigg Boss 14

Rakhi is of the opinion that the current season is not entertaining and hence they (challengers) are entering the Bigg Boss 14 house. She added that she started Bigg Boss and said, “Jhande toh humne hi gadhe hai,” and people are copying them. She further added that she is happy that makers chose her to be a challenger and she is eagerly waiting to go inside.

About Arshi Khan

About Arshi Khan

About her frenemy Arshi, Rakhi was quoted by the entertainment portal as saying, “Arshi bilkul bakwaas hai. She calls you a friend and backstabs you. When she went for Bigg Boss 11, I was the one who introduced to many known people. I took her to many shows, award functions and many other places. Nobody knew Arshi Khan in Bollywood. Now, after she has earned a name for herself, she has forgotten Rakhi. Meri billi mujhse myao. But Rakhi Sawant will not get affected by such a friend. She has seen my friendship until now but now I will show her my enemity. Uski mai aisi band bajaungi na ki zindagi mein ye khadi nahi ho payegi (I will teach her a lesson).”

Rakhi Slams Arshi

Rakhi Slams Arshi

She also slammed Arshi for poking Vikas Gupta. She said, “She is trying to be Shilpa Shinde. She feels she can gain popularity by doing this. Sometimes she also becomes Rakhi Sawant. But I am original and she is sasti Rakhi Sawant. Vo andar mera patta saaf karne ki koshish karri hai (She is trying to oust me). However, she doesn’t know Rakhi Sawant. Let me go in once and I will show her.”

It has to be recalled that season 11 was popular for Shilpa and Vikas’ fight. Shilpa used to target Vikas, who in turn used to fight with her. Their on and off friendship in the house also had grabbed the headlines.

‘Manu Ki Bhi Band Bajaungi Mai’

‘Manu Ki Bhi Band Bajaungi Mai’

On the other hand, she also commented on Manu Panjabi’s strategy. Rakhi feels that Manu is trying to be good to Rubina Dilaik and is trying to trap her. She also feels that he is trying to separate Rubina from Abhinav. Rakhi added that she will expose Manu and said, “Manu ki bhi band bajaungi mai.”

For the uninitiated, along with Arshi, Vikas, Manu, Kashmera Shah and Rahul Mahajan have also entered the Bigg Boss 14 house.

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