Pavitra Punia Is Missing Her Baalveer Returns Co-Stars & Food They Brought Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Pavitra Punia Is Missing Her Baalveer Returns Co-Stars & Food They Brought Amid COVID-19 Lockdown



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Like most of us, Pavitra Punia is spending time indoors during the COVID-19 lockdown. In a recent interview, the Baalveer Returns actor opened up about how she misses spending time with her show co-stars and the food they enjoyed on set. It must be recollected that it’s been more than two months since all TV serial shoots came to a complete halt due to the pandemic crisis.

Pavitra told IANS, “Out of the whole unit of Baalveer Returns, Aditya Ranvijay, Shridhar Watsar, Atul Verma and I are the only ones who keep laughing throughout the day. We never sit in our own separate rooms and are always together in one room. We eat, sleep, and shoot together. So, I am missing all of them a lot right now since we are not shooting these days.”

Pavitra Punia

She went on to add, “I am especially missing the food they get from home for me. Aditya gets this special homemade schezwan sauce. It’s just out of the world and all of us are crazy about it. Shridhar Ji’s wife makes ‘moong dal ki bhaji’, which is a dry healthy vegetable and I take that away from him and finish it all by myself. Atul cooks on his own, so he too gets some delicious food items and we all enjoy our lunchtime together.”

Pavitra Punia

The actress concluded by opening up her nickname on the Sony SAB show. “Everyone in the Kaal Lok (the show’s magical world) gang calls me ‘Mummy’ and they treat me like the mother of Kaal Lok. So, if I am not on set for even a day, they call me up and tell me that it is getting difficult for them to shoot without me on the set. It’s as if something is incomplete,” Pavitra shared.

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