Netzines Unhappy With Possible Nudity In Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings Web Series

Netzines Unhappy With Possible Nudity In Amazon's Lord Of The Rings Web Series


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The shooting of Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming Lord Of The Rings (LOTR) web series has resumed in Auckland, New Zealand after the pandemic. However, a casting call for actors willing to do nude scenes has upset the franchise’s fans.

Netzines Unhappy With Possible Nudity In Amazons Lord Of The Rings Web Series

According to reports, the casting call by BGT talent agency read, “Comfortable with Nudity? Up to $500 per day. Use reference NUDE. We need Nude people based in Auckland – age 18 plus, all shapes and sizes (Intimacy guidelines will always be followed onset).” A report in India Today also revealed that the production team for the show also has an intimacy coordinator who is present on the sets, suggesting the series could include sex scenes.

As soon as the news hit social media, fans expressed their unrest over the changes being made to the series and its theme. Fans are worried that Amazon will turn LOTR series best known for its kingship and adventure into something dark like HBO’s hit fantasy drama, Game Of Thrones (GOT).

One user wrote, “The whole point of Game of Thrones is that it wasn’t LOTR. But conversely, the whole point of LOTR is that it could have been GOT, but Tolkien, as a socially conservative traditionalist, decided not to go that direction.” Another user pointed out the best part of the LOTR series, and wrote, ” The reason the original 3 Lord of the rings movies were so successful were because they didn’t have pointless nudity or sex in them. That type of shit doesn’t fit in Tolkien’s world. If amazon does this they are making a big mistake.”

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Amazon’s Lord of the Rings web series is said to be a prequel to JRR Tolkien’s novels and will start off in the Second Age of Middle-earth. The era was best known to have caused the end of Sauron at the hand of an alliance led by Men and Elves. Amazon has already greenlit a season two for the show.

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