Netizens Slam Old Video Of Rohit Shetty Wherein He Says He Cried When Sara Ali Khan Asked For Work

Netizens Slam Old Video Of Rohit Shetty Wherein He Says He Cried When Sara Ali Khan Asked For Work



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Netizens are leaving no stone unturned in trolling the star kids. From the last few days, their targets were Alia Bhatt and Janhvi Kapoor. Now, it’s Sara Ali Khan. Wondering why? Well, an old video of director Rohit Shetty from Kapil Sharma’s chat show has surfaced on Twitter, and it has been receiving major backlash from the netizens. In the video, Rohit Shetty can be heard saying that he felt like crying when Sara Ali Khan, despite being daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, came to his office all alone, and asked for work with folding hands.

In the video, Rohit Shetty further said that he was touched by Sara’s gesture to the extent that he asked her to do a film with him. Now, you know why Rohit Shetty roped in Sara Ali Khan in Simmba.


Producer Manish Mundra also shared this viral clip on his Twitter page and wrote, “Have seen this video n number of times since morning. What level of hollowness they have in their lives!!!”

Here’s how netizens reacted to the video:

@bhaiyyajispeaks: I was on Facebook this morning & suddenly this episode of Kapil’s show popped up. Watched it for 5 minutes & this came up. It was probably funny back then, but everything has changed now. Our perspective as well.

@aartithakurjha: O its not her talent, her hard work or her skills that got her movie, her DNA did. So that proves the nepotism point does it not?

@imhonestopn: The fact that she was allowed to enter his office without being an actor is enough to show the privilege. Would Shetty sir allow any other aspiring actor to sit in his office?

@sandeepanand12: Still remember when I saw this conversation first time when episode was aired I was like all fine. But over period of last few months, times have changed and so has my perspective of looking into this issue. It’s wrong at so many levels & we as audience are accountable as well.

Interestingly, rather than trolling Sara and Shetty, audiences are blaming themselves for rooting for such statements, which they now feel was wrong at so many levels.

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