Navya Actress Somya Seth Reveals She Wanted To Commit Suicide, But Couldn’t As She Was Pregnant

Navya Actress Somya Seth Reveals She Wanted To Commit Suicide, But Couldn't As She Was Pregnant



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Sushant Singh Rajput’s death left the entire entertainment industry in shock. Many celebrities took to social media and posted about the importance of mental health and shared how they have been through difficult times. Navya actress, Somya Seth also took to Instagram, and shared a lengthy post revealing she had suicidal thoughts in the past. She added that she didn’t take her life as she was pregnant.

In her post, Somya wrote, “SUICIDE. Yes, a very difficult word. When you reach to that point turn around pick up your phone and talk to a friend or call helpline numbers. But what if you don’t have a Phone OR cant talk to a friend, family or loved one…. Then what??”

Navya Actress Somya Seth Reveals She Wanted To Commit Suicide, But Couldnt As She Was Pregnant

She further wrote, “Suicidal thoughts are a result of a mental health. I want Awareness. I know in the past I have fought my suicidal thoughts for a few months. Behind that sweet smile and loving nature- I was hiding my suicidal thoughts. I attended events. Greeted everyone with hugs and smiles. Laughed with them. But as people left for their home I used to look for ideas to kill myself. I was disgusted and disappointed with my life.”

“I looked at myself in the mirror couldn’t believe it was me- I saw bruises on my hands & my face – my head was throbbing in pain. The life inside me had died. I was breathing but found it useless!! I felt abandoned and unloved. But I didn’t do it. I couldn’t do it. I had to live. Almost like I was forced to live. I was pregnant. If it was just me- I would have done it. But that wasn’t my case.”

The actress recalled Sushant and Pratyusha Banerjee (who also committed suicide) and wrote, “Today, I know people who committed suicide were probably as strong as you and I. SUSHANT included. Remember PRATHYUSHA. Sometimes even civilised cities, successful careers, or amazing looking families can make people feel hostile. I know everyone is there for everyone. But if that was true no one ever would be lonely.”

It has to be recalled that the Navya actress was married to Arun Kapoor. Their marriage ran into trouble after the birth of their son Ayden in 2018.

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