Natkhat Short Film Review: Vidya Balan Reveals How Poisonous Patriarchy Can Be

Natkhat Short Film Review



oi-Sanyukta Thakare




Star Cast: Vidya Balan, Sanika Patel, Raj Arun, Sparsh Shrivastav, Atul Tiwari

Director: Shaan Vyas

Language: Hindi

Duration: 33 minutes

Story: Natkhat’s world premiere took place on Tuesday as Mumbai Film Festival’s selection for We Are One, Youtube’s Global Film Festival. The short film follows a doting mother wary of the influence of her machismo-obsessed family, she tries to correct the course of her child’s upbringing through her bedtime stories.

Natkhat Short Film Review: Vidya Balan Reveals How Poisonous Patriarchy Can Be

Review: Starring Vidya Balan and Sanika Patel, Natkhat is the tale of caution, for the ones inflicting pain, for the victims, as well as the ones watching on the sidelines. The short film, directed by Shaan Vyas, tells a story of violence against women, along with the idea of what goes around comes around. Vyas also shows, how it is time for everyone to realise that one can only reap what they sow, which is also how it works with kids in our society. Future society depends on what we teach our kids today.

Vidya Balan As The Doting Mother

Vidya Balan As The Doting Mother

The short film starts with a glimpse of how things work right now, we see kids playing around in a field, when one eavesdrops on a group of teenagers talking about abducting girls. He then follows them to see what happens. At school, when a girl threatens to hit a boy for pulling her hair, he plans to do the same to her. The idea of young boys learning to abduct a girl to scare her and teach her a lesson, sounds like fiction, but it’s only one version of the truth that prevails in our society.

As if nothing has happened, he then goes home to his mother, the Ghoonghat clad bahu. While at the dinner table, as the men in the family talk about having to deal with women at work, the youngest in the family gives the advice to just abduct her. While it stops the mother in her tracks, she is shocked, when the men in the family brush off the behaviour as ‘boys will be boys’.

Sanika Patel As The Brat

Sanika Patel As The Brat

The mother then takes it upon herself to right the wrong. As a victim herself, she sets out to teach her kid a lesson introducing him to the hard truth through a bedtime story. She teaches him that his acts affect others and will not go unpunished. Vidya Balan as the mother and Sanika Patel, who plays the young boy have presented their character with conviction and much care, as to not raise the wrong questions.

Natkhat Is Directed By Shaan Vyas

Natkhat Is Directed By Shaan Vyas

The story Shaan Vyas presents, is not new but the way he does, is hard-hitting and a necessity, with everything that is going around in the world. He also makes it a point to present a solution, while most films only address the issue, Vyas shares that with conviction and passion, one can start to change things slowly. By stepping up and taking a stand, because nobody will if you won’t. Only with efforts will the desired change see the light of day.

Overall, Natkhat also known as The Brat, will leave you in awe of the filmmaker, and question what have you done to make things right on your end.

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