Mukesh Khanna Slams TikTok Users; Says There’s A Lot More To Do In Life Than Making Tiktok Videos!

Mukesh Khanna Slams TikTok Users; Says There's A Lot More To Do In Life Than Making Tiktok Videos!



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Many celebrities had earlier condemned the use of TikTok. But, there are a few users, who are still using the app. The recent incident of Faizal Siddiqui’s reported ‘provoking acid-attack’ video angered many, who demanded to ban the app. After this incident, the ratings of the app dropped. Recently, Mahabharat and Shaktimaan actor Mukesh Khanna slammed the users.

In a video, he was seen telling that there’s a lot more to do in life than making Tiktok videos. He also added that he is happy that the ratings of this app have dropped. The actor further said, “After Coronavirus, I am happy that one such virus from China in the form of the app is leaving the country as ratings dropped from 4.5 to 1.3. I am glad that people are leaving this app. Save the youth from getting destroyed and join this campaign.”

Mukesh Khanna Slams TikTok Users; Says Theres A Lot More To Do In Life Than Making TikTok Videos!

Sharing the video, he wrote that the app is for useless people and making them more useless. It is spreading obscenity, senselessness and spoiling youth. Khanna wrote, “You enjoy listening to the tik tok sound of your watches. However, today’s youth are out on the streets, falling for obscenity for a few seconds of fame. Corona is a Chinese virus, we all know, and we should understand that the app is a similar virus. It is an app for useless people. It is spreading obscenity; senselessness and it is going to get entrenched in the youth of today. It’s important that the app is banned and I am happy we are finally heading towards the same. I support the ban of this app.”

Earlier, Kasam Tere Pyar Ki actress, Kratika Sengar had slammed the app. She had said that she is not in favour of the app even if it is for fun. Her fans had also supported the actress and urged others to uninstall the app.

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