Minissha Lamba Says She Cannot Be Quiet About The Villification Of Rhea Chakraborty

Minissha Lamba Says She Cannot Be Quiet About The Villification Of Rhea Chakraborty



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Minissha Lamba has come out in defence of the media trial of Rhea Chakraborty in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case. Explaining that she simply couldn’t sit quiet anymore after Rhea’s interview, Minissha slammed the passing of judgments on a person based on rumour and gossip. She added that the media trials tainting public opinion against a person is unacceptable.

Minissha Lamba On Villification Of Rhea: Can’t Sit Quietly

Speaking to Times of India about not sitting idle anymore, Minissha said, “Because now enough is enough! Nothing about those wild accusations sat right with me. They didn’t make sense. Post Rhea’s interviews, which to me, resonated with truth and reason and logic, I could not just sit any more and be quiet. Give a human being the dignity of undergoing investigations without us pronouncing judgement based on conjecture, rumour and gossip.”

She shared that what she saw in Rhea is a person who simply cared for her boyfriend. “From Rhea’s interviews and an audio tape that came out recently where Sushant-Rhea and two other people are assisting them in planning their future, they are heard discussing the idea of moving to Pawna (outskirts of Mumbai) as Sushant feels he can’t work in films any more because of his condition. It was heartbreaking to hear him make the decision to leave. We can clearly hear Rhea being supportive. She is leaving Mumbai as well to live with him and take care of him. From this conversation I can only see a woman who loved Sushant and did all she could to help him get better. I don’t see any logic or motive for this horrible accusation,” said Minissha.

Talking about the media trial, she said, “The investigating agencies are conducting their business in the manners and protocols that they see fit. But what is happening in the court of Indian media trials, resulting in tainted public opinion, that is just not done.”

Rhea has been accused of being involved in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, by the latter’s family.

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