Mini Mathur On Kangana Ranaut’s Old Video Defending Nepotism, Says ‘Gotta Love This Woman’

Mini Mathur On Kangana Ranaut's Old Video Defending Nepotism, Says ‘Gotta Love This Woman'



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Mini Mathur recently reacted to a decade-old video of Kangana Ranaut in which can be seen talking in favour of nepotism. The video has been making the rounds on social media for quite some time now. Many Bollywood actors have reacted to the video due to the ongoing nepotism debate in the industry, and Kangana Ranaut’s stance on nepotism.

Mini Mathur On Kangana Ranauts Old Video Defending Nepotism, Says ‘Gotta Love This Woman.

In the old clip, Kangana can be seen saying during an interview, “The kind of background where I come from — my father is a businessman, my mother is a teacher, my grandfather was an IAS officer, my great grandfather was a freedom fighter — so when I was giving a pre-medical test, I had a particular quota for me as I come from this particular family. So when I come here (Bollywood), I look at stars’ children that they have a 30% quota, how I had. I am just kind of coming into their territory. If someone else tries to give PMT, they won’t get that percentage of quota.”

Mini's Tweet Was Flooded With Hate Messages

Mini’s Tweet Was Flooded With Hate Messages

Reacting to the video actress Mini Mathur said, “Wow. That’s quite a turnaround. Gotta love this woman. Big fan.” Her tweet was flooded with hate message as, many fans came to Kangana’s rescue. The actress replied to several trolls as well. A user asked Mini, “Who r u mini exactly in comparison to Kangana??? @KanganaTeam Nothing!!!! Just remember.. So don’t dare talk about her in public.. If u have any shame left, don’t reveal urself publicly,” to which the actor replied, “Itna gussa? I was only being appreciative. Calm down have some chai. And maybe share your 10 rupee per tweet bonus with your 15 followers?”

Soni Razdan Had Also Shared The Video On Twitter

Soni Razdan Had Also Shared The Video On Twitter

Another user on Twitter said, “Mini Mathur shame on you for running your one sided narrative. Why don’t you open your mouth on Bangalore riots? Where do you stand in Sushant’s case? You are epitome of hypocrisy.” Reacting to the user Mini wrote, “Shame on me?? Hahaha.. why because I must espouse everything that YOU think I should be speaking about! Well go jump off your self righteous, indignant horse sweetie. And read this.”

Taapsee Paanu Also Opened Up About Kangana's Old Video

Taapsee Paanu Also Opened Up About Kangana’s Old Video

Earlier Soni Razdan, whose daughter Alia Bhatt has been called out by Kangana on numerous occasions had also retweeted the same video on her Twitter account. Back in July, Taapsee Pannu had also reacted to the same video and said, “Arre !!???? Toh ab final kya hai ? Matter karta hai to be from the ‘inside’ or no. Yaar yeh sab kuch bohot confusing hota jaa raha hai. I’m gonna sign out of this before I forget ki mera stand kya hai.” (So which of your opinion is the final one? Does it matter to be an insider or no? All of this is turning out to be confusing, I am going to sign out of this before I forget where I stand.)

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