Manoj Bajpayee Opens Up On Being Called Names | Says He Is A Tough Nut

Manoj Bajpayee Opens Up On Being Called Names | Says He Is A Tough Nut



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After Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, the pitfalls of the Hindi film industry are being discussed more than ever. Critically acclaimed and national award winning actor Manoj Bajpayee opened up about how he felt let down by the reactions of a box-office obsessed industry to one of his movies.

Manoj Bajpayee Opens Up On Being Called Names

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Manoj said, “It happened before Pinjar (2003). When such a great film didn’t see that kind of footfalls in theatres, and not even nominated at any mainstream award functions, it completely – I wouldn’t say disillusioned – it actually put the truth right in front of my eyes. No matter whatever I will do, or what I have been trying to do, these people are not going to award or recognise me, and the audience is somewhere not interested in watching the films I do, so I am on my own.”

He continued, “I could see that I was sliding down. No matter how many chips are down, I have never been down. I have used those low phases of mine in bettering my craft and myself as an actor and person. I have done things which I haven’t done for few years. Sometimes, I have done a few wrong films, just to keep the kitchen going. Yes, it was a phase where I was not getting offers, but somewhere my resolve was a hundred percent.”

Although one of the most respected artists in the country now, Bajpayee recalled how he was called names at one point. “They called me all sorts of things, people have done so much of back biting and pulling down. Only people close to me know I am a tough nut to really pull down. You put a thousand people in my opposition, I will never be scared, rather it challenges me, and motivates!”

Manoj was last seen in the Netflix film, Mrs Serial Killer, which also starred Jacqueline Fernandez and Mohit Raina.

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