Late Producer B Nagi Reddy’s Grandson Passes Away Due To COVID-19

Late Producer B Nagi Reddy’s Grandson Passes Away Due To COVID-19



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Telugu and Tamil film producer B Nagi Reddy’s grandson Sarath Reddy passed away due to COVID-19 on June 19 in Chennai. Sarath Reddy was 52 and was the youngest son of Vishwanatha Reddy.

A few days ago, Sarath Reddy was diagnosed with COVID-19 symptoms and was immediately admitted to Vijaya Health Hospital in Chennai. Sarath took his last breath in the morning while undergoing treatment.

Sarath Reddy

On a related note, late producer B Nagi Reddy set up Vijaya Vauhini Studios in Chennai. It was then Asia’s biggest film studio. B Nagi Reddy has produced films like Patala Bhairavi, Missamma, Maya Bazaar, Ram Aur Shyam, Maduve Madinodu, Julie and so on, under Vijay Vauhini Studios banner.

B Nagi Reddy has three sons and producer B Venkatarama Reddy is one of them. He, along with his friend and partner Alur Chakrapani, produced over fifty films in four decades in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. B Venkatarama Reddy is popular for making mythological and devotional films in Telugu.

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He later closed down Vijaya Vauhini Studios after the Tollywood industry moved out of studios in the 70s. He then started Vijaya Hospital and Vijaya Health Centre.

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