Kasautii Zindagii Kay Actor Charvi Saraf On Having COVID-19 Symptoms & Her Ordeal To Get Tested

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Actor Charvi Saraf On Having COVID-19 Symptoms & Her Ordeal To Get Tested



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Charvi Saraf who plays Shivani Sharma on Kasautii Zindagii Kay recently opened up and revealed that she has been showing symptoms associated with the coronavirus infection. The actress shared her ordeal in an open letter for Pinkvilla about getting a COVID-19 test done and how she was refused ‘point-blank’ by the doctors and hospitals in Delhi.

Charvi wrote, “I have COVID 19 symptoms, but is getting a test done too much to ask for in Delhi ?? Ever since the lockdown was announced, I’m in Delhi, my hometown. We were homebound and like everyone else, we only used to step out for buying essentials. Everything seemed fairly okay, and healthy. We had adjusted to the new corona lifestyle. But last week I started feeling uneasy, my body temperature kept picking up and dropping. Soon I started having high fever, with a lot of body ache, breathlessness, pain in the throat, headache, etc. Of course, like anyone would, I started panicking with the fear that am I suffering from COVID? Moreover, I was scared for my family, I didn’t want anything to happen to them, so I decided to quarantine myself.”

Charvi Saraf

She went on to add, “The first thing in the mind was to get a COVID-19 test done but, little did I know that even getting a test done was a task in its own way in Delhi. I made few calls to the doctors who had been treating us for years, they said they don’t have COVID test kits with them, which I understand. Next, I called few private hospitals nearby, they point blank refused saying this facility is not available here. It’s been five days now of showing proper symptoms and my attempts for getting a test done has been futile when I know I have those symptoms.”

The actress concluded by expressing her disappointment in the handling of the pandemic by the Delhi Government. “I thought some reports were rumours but now I am forced to believe. If getting a test done to know if a person is positive or negative is such an issue, I really don’t know how the government will help the people of Delhi,” she wrote.

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