Karan Wahi Opens Up About Favouritism In The TV Industry, Discrimination On The Basis Of Medium!

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Karan Wahi recently spoke about the ongoing debate of favouritism in the entertainment industry. The actor who has worked across TV, film and web is of the opinion that any real change can only begin with the audience.

Karan told Pinkvilla, “I think the debate is only wrong. It is the audience who need to change their perspective. Why call me inferior to another person just because of the platform we come from. I think the audience need to reflect on that aspect. If I work on TV, and on web as well, and even in films then why just call me a TV actor? Call me an actor na? I am not saying I have a problem with it, I am very proud to start from TV, it has made me what I am today. But, to segregate people based on the platform they work on, and then talk about equal opportunities? We shouldn’t be. Eventually, who is making us a star? The audience. I feel the audience needs to give creditability to everybody and then see the change.”

Karan Wahi

He went on to add, “Today, there might be someone who is more talented than me but haven’t gotten the opportunity and that is because the audience has loved me more. Humko kaam tabhi milega jab audience support karegi. We live in a social media world where there are people who have perhaps done nothing big but are earning more than us, who are these people following them, making them stars? It is the audience. We say that this doesn’t happen in abroad, it is because there, an actor is an actor, no one says that ‘oh Jennifer Aniston toh Friends ki TV actor hai!’ It is that small a game. These are small things which needs to change.”

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