Karan Patel Pens A Note On Rising Cases Of Suicide Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Calls It A Cowardly Act!

Karan Patel Pens A Note On Rising Cases Of Suicide Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Calls It A Cowardly Act!



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Due to a spike in people committing suicide or attempting to do so due to financial woes caused by COVID-19 lockdown in the TV industry, actor Karan Patel felt the urge to share his point of view on the matter. He took to his Facebook page to pen a strongly worded letter whilst stating that ending one’s life is a cowardly and selfish act.

Karan wrote, “So I think suicide is probably the easiest escape route to get out of whatever tough spot life has put you in, but, do you realise that its only you who has escaped and in return left behind a family, a bunch of broken hearts and lost souls who might never recover from this betrayal of yours or have you become so blindly selfish that you don’t give a f**k about the effect your actions will have on your family and loved ones?”

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He went on to add, “More than sympathy, I harbour anger for these kind of people. I know most of you wanna shout out at me sayin that only someone going through hell can know what helplessness feels like, ok agreed, but I strongly believe that no bloody problem in life is greater than life itself and nothing can compel you to give up this life which by the way is not what you have earned but its gifted to you by someone you called mother or maa all your life.” (sic)

The Yeh Hai Mohabbatein star concluded by urging folks in distress to seek out the required help. “If you think your life has brought you down on your knees, reach out and share because for all you know, the situation you thought u can never get out of, someone else could just sleepwalk you through it. There is nothing shameful in confessing that you are hurting, infact it takes a lot of guts to expose your weakness and that is what freinds and family are for. Share with them, Care for them and at times when you feel vulnerable, just Stare at them.”

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