Kangana Ranaut Calls Out B Town Celebs For Selective Activism | They Were Silent During Sadhu Lychings

Kangana Ranaut Calls Out B Town Celebs For Selective Activism | They Were Silent During Sadhu Lychings




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Ever since George Floyd lost his life due to police brutality, protests have erupted in United States with people taking to the streets demanding justice and the campaign #BlackLivesMatter has spread like wildfire through the North American Continent.

Bollywood Celebrities have also shown their solidarity with the movement through their Social Media Posts & Tweets.

Kangana Ranaut, who has been extremely vocal about topics of national interest and is known for her no-holds-barred opinion on such matters, doubts that many of them are just trying to join the bandwagon.

Kangana Calls Out B-Town Celebs For Selective Activism

Kangana says, “The Sadhu lynching happened a couple of weeks ago; still no one said a word. It happened in Maharashtra where most of these celebrities reside…Bollywood anyway is a derived name from Hollywood. It is a shame they [Bollywood celebrities] continue to live in a bubble and never fail to jump on the bandwagon, which can give them two minutes of fame, but ‘white people’ must drive the bandwagon. Perhaps, it is because of their pre-independence colonial slavery genes.”

She questions the industry’s selective outrage, “Even for environmental issues, you see them fight for a white teenage kid but so many incredible elderly women and even children. They are doing exceptionally well in India on environmental matters without any help or support. Some of them were honoured with the Padma Shri award. I was amazed to see their stories, but they never get the same acknowledgement from the industry. Perhaps, sadhus or tribal people aren’t fancy enough for the Bollywood crowd or their followers.”

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