Kangana Ranaut Calls Out Anupama Chopra For ‘Whitewashing Nepotism’, Netizens Slam Her Recent Tweet

Kangana Calls Out Anupama For Whitewashing Nepotism



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Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden death on June 14 has caused an uproar in the B-town and sparked a conversation about the dark side of Bollywood. A recent tweet by film critic Anupama Chopra has come under the scanner for saying that the late actor ‘chose to pass away quietly’.

Kangana Ranaut Calls Out Anupama Chopra For Whitewashing Nepotism, Netizens Slam Her Recent Tweet

On Monday, Anupama Chopra took to Twitter to honour the late actor and ask fans to keep morn the actor’s demise in peace. She wrote, “Rajput chose to pass away quietly. The least we can do is hush our bickering and curiosity, while mourning with a quiet that matches his – @shreevatsa_n requesting grace in a particularly brutal & graceless week. Let’s replace the witch hunt with empathy!”

However, the tweet didn’t sit well with Kangana Ranaut and netizens. She was also accused of ‘whitewashing nepotism’ and several people called her out for being insensitive and claiming that suicide is a choice.

Anupama Chopra's Tweet

Anupama Chopra’s Tweet

Kangana Ranaut’s team account tweeted, “Anupama Chopra ji, you and Rajeev masand always jump to whitewash nepotism mafia but you both equally participate in the witch hunting of outsiders & open killing, we don’t need gyan from you, so you can STFU …”

Kangana Ranaut's Reply

Kangana Ranaut’s Reply

Another user slammed the founder of Film Companion by calling her a part of critic mafia. The tweet read, “Apart from the obvious agenda driven insensitive jibe, this critic mafia company doing PR for both nepotism industry and urban naxals is trying to hush down the matter in an intellectualized manner..”

Netizens Calls Out Anupama Chopra For Being Insensitive

Netizens Calls Out Anupama Chopra For Being Insensitive

One Twitter user schooled the film critic on using the right words on social media platforms, “You really don’t realise how triggering these words are, I feel sick to my stomach thinking someone can say what you have.. the words CHOSE and QUIETLY are spinning in my mind.. wth man WTH! You entitled, elitist folk really have no clue, do you…..New low!” read another comment.

Another wrote, “Sorry I don’t agree: he passed away quietly??? What about the internal turmoil he faced & couldn’t speak up?! Bollywood sidekicks, want to sweep his death under the carpet & quietly forgotten, because a can of worms will open. Those rotten apples that run Bollywood must go down.”

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