Jr NTR Fans Call Meera Chopra A B*tch On Social Media For This Reason!

Jr NTR Fans Call Meera Chopra A B*tch On Social Media For This Reason!



oi-Sruthi Hemachandran


Recently, Bangaram actress Meera Chopra took to her Twitter handle to interact with her fans in a question and answer session. With many inquiring about her whereabouts and movies, there were a few who criticised her during the live chat session. Well now, the actress has become the latest victim of cyber bully as one of her replies to a Twitterati’s question didn’t impress Jr NTR fans. Apparently, a user asked Meera to say a few words about the Young Tiger. The actress replied that she doesn’t know him and so she is not his fan. She wrote, “I don’t know him.. i am not his fan.”


Another user was urging her to watch Tarak’s Shakti and Dammu, to which she replied that she is not interested. The fans were evidently not happy with her very straight forward reply, which turned them against the actress and forced them to call her a bi*ch. Now the actress has tagged the Young Tiger and tweeted, I didn’t kno that Ill be called a bitch, whore and pornstar just bcoz i like @urstrulyMahesh more than you. And your fans will send my parents such wishes. Do u feel successful with such a fan following? And I hope u don’t ignore my tweet!” Well, we will have to wait and watch if Jr NTR replies to her tweet or not!

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