Jennifer Winget Urges Fans To Celebrate Her Upcoming Birthday By Helping Those In Need

Jennifer Winget Urges Fans To Celebrate Her Upcoming Birthday By Helping Those In Need



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Jennifer Winget will be ringing on her 35th birthday this week on Saturday, May 30. However, due to the turbulent times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the actress feels any celebration for turning a year older is ‘unimportant and small’.

Jennifer said, “In light of what’s happening in our world at the moment, celebrating a birthday seems so trivial, small, and unimportant. And I don’t see how that makes me a pessimist. This lockdown has brought in nothing I can call the usual…it is a new normal across after all. But trust me, It’s equalized everyone to one level and I am hanging in there just like everyone else!”

Jennifer Winget

The Beyhadh 2 star also shared a message for her ardent fans on Pinkvilla, requesting them to indulge in charity for the needy. Jennifer revealed, “There was a plea I made 2 years ago on my birthday to my fans that instead of sending me gifts I would much rather prefer them doing something for someone more in need; someone who would truly deserve it more than me. If tiny donation, the simplest kind gesture could end up being the blessing they were waiting on, why not? And it moves me to see my fans remember and respect this request I had made, every year.”

She went on to add, “So this birthday too, I wish for this movement of sorts to only amplify itself further. I am taking this opportunity to urge you once again, to show kindness and help to anyone who needs it around you. They may be in your own family, with your friends, voiceless animals in need, children, nature, or even people working for you. God knows we all deserve it and will be so much better for it. So yeah, Help, Be Kind in whatever little way you can and make this birthday, once again, the most cherished and happiest one for me! Thank you.”

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