Jasmin Bhasin Opens Up About Using Social Media To Spread Positivity Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Jasmin Bhasin Opens Up About Using Social Media To Spread Positivity Amid COVID-19 Lockdown



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Like most of us, Jasmin Bhasin is currently homebound during the COVID-19 lockdown. In a recent interview, the actress opened up about the new normal whilst stating that one should only consume positive things online in order to avoid the pandemic blues.

Jasmin said, “At times things go out of hand online and turn too toxic to handle. And I believe we all have it in ourselves to deal with the negativity with courage and smile. As far as social media is concerned, let’s think about how it has made our lives better even at this time when we all are cooped up in one place. How we can send messages and it helps us stay in touch with loved ones. I want to spread positivity and smile, something that I am supposed to do both as a responsible person and actor.”

Jasmin Bhasin

She went on to add, “Much like adults, these unpredictable times have also affected them emotionally. I’ve been trying to interact with them through my fan pages via live conversations. They ask about how I spend my day, when would I go back to work and talk about what they are facing.”

The 29-year-old concluded by revealing that she was initially worried about her parents, grandmother, and brother who live in Kota and is ensuring to keep in touch with them. “Thankfully, they are taking precautions… I was quite tense initially, but now I’ve realized that I need to stay strong to keep them happy. My pets (two dogs Mia and Rambo) are keeping me company. The love from my fans also makes me smile and believe that this too shall pass,” she said.

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