ISKCON Now Accepts Shemaroo’s Apology: We Do Not Believe In Revengeful Acts

ISKCON Now Accepts Shemaroo's Apology: We Do Not Believe In Revengeful Acts



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Earlier this week, The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) had asked to file a complaint against the entertainment company Shemaroo and the stand-up comedian Surleen Kaur, for her derogatory comments against Hinduism, saints and the ISKCON community. However, a recent report in Free Press Journal states that the organisation has now decided that they will not be taking a legal action.

ISKCON Now Accepts Shemaroos Apology: We Do Not Believe In Revengeful Acts

In an official statement shared in the report, ISKCON representative states, “ISKCON is a spiritual organization which preaches and practices strict sense control. Therefore to convey that such organization and its members, followers, etc. are supporters of or associated with pornography is not only completely false but also destructive of its reputation and undermining of its good work.

ISKCON being tolerant organization does not believe in revengeful acts and always believed in acting morally, ethically and as per the law.

ISKCON's Statement

ISKCON’s Statement

The CEO of Shemaroo had called us to state that had he and other top management personnel of Shemaroo seen or known about the content of the video in question they would have never published it and expressed sincere regret for failing to stop such video being put on their platform.

Further, Shemaroo has offered unconditional apology for the same and dissociated itself from the persons involved in spreading this falsehood about ISKCON. Therefore ISKCON will not proceed against Shemaroo.

Shemaroo Took own The Video As An Apology

Shemaroo Took own The Video As An Apology

We hope & pray others involved in making this video and spreading of such destructive falsehood realize that the spreading of falsehood to the detriment of ISKCON and society at large is not doing any good to anyone.

And therefore they also, like Shemaroo, take appropriate corrective steps to right the wrongs committed by them,” read the statement.

Surleen Kaur's Stand Up Act Had More Than 1.5 Million Views

Surleen Kaur’s Stand Up Act Had More Than 1.5 Million Views

According to several reports, Surleen’s stand up act called ‘Kamasutra Sahi Hai’ was aired a few months back, but gained a lot of popularity in the last few days. In the videos, she can be seen saying, “Beshak hum sab ISKCON wale hain, par andar se sab porn wale hain.” Later, she also talks about Indian saints and how they used the little bit of Sanskrit they know to hide all big misdeeds. “Dhanya ho humaare rishi muni jinhone thodisi Sanskrit use karke apne bade bade kaand chhupaye hain… Kamasutra.”

Surleen, best known for her Punjabi web series Sleepless Nights, has not commented on the matter yet. On the other hand, it is unsure if ISKCON has dropped the complaint against Surleen and Balraj too. The video, which was first shared on Shemaroo’s website and YouTube Channel, garnered over 1.5 million views before it was taken down as a part of the apology by the company.

ISKCON Rejects Shemaroo’s Apology, Says Will Proceed With Legal Action Against Them And Surleen Kaur

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