Inside Pictures Of Irrfan Khan’s Stunning House In Mumbai | Irrfan Khan Mumbai Home Pictures

Inside Pictures Of Irrfan Khan's Stunning House In Mumbai | Irrfan Khan Mumbai Home Pictures

The Living Room

The blue Turkish bathtub, used as a small water body, is the centre of attraction in Irrfan’s living room. Speaking about it, the late actor had told Architectural Digest magazine, “It is important for me to have a water body. It has to have its own ecosystem, survive on its own. That fascinates me. That the fishes don’t have to be given oxygen separately, that the water doesn’t have to be cleaned or changed.”

Shabnam Gupta, who designed the interiors of Irrfan’s house, spoke about the challenge from moving this water body from the corner to the centre of the room, and shared, “When he ideates, he enjoys the sound of water. But this has to be an extremely controlled amount of sound, otherwise it gets on your nerves. Plus, he wants fishes and lotuses and reeds.”

Irrfan also loved his ‘jhoola’, which is accentuated in pink, and gives the house a ‘desi’ vibe.

Irrfan Khan Had A Fetish For Mirrors

Irrfan Khan Had A Fetish For Mirrors

“I always peer into them even if I’m walking by in a hurry. I finally have an area surrounded by mirrors, where I can see myself from every angle,” the late actor had candidly confessed while speaking about his house.

Irrfan’s house has been decorated with various wall hangings, mirrors and furniture, locally sourced from Jaipur.

The Dining Room

The Dining Room

The lights in the dining room was sourced from Jaipur. The set of five black wire lamps hanging just above eye-level prove Irrfan’s keen eye for detail and symmetry.

Irrfan's Wife Sutapa Sikdar's Room

Irrfan’s Wife Sutapa Sikdar’s Room

The table lamps in Sutapa’s room were sourced from artisans in Jodhpur. The wall paintings add more to the beauty of her room.

Irrfan Khan's Study Room

Irrfan Khan’s Study Room

With a centre table, sofa and a large wooden shelf to keep his books, DVD collections and award trophies, Irrfan’s study room is a dream space to work.

Calming Effect

Calming Effect

The entrance of Irrfan’s house has an ink-blue foyer which is decorated with art sculptures, decorative frames and floral motifs.

Talking about his choice of design and colour, the actor had shared, “When you enter the house from the noise outside, I want that it changes your mindset. It brings you in”.

Warm Memories

Warm Memories

The late actor and his wife Sutapa Sikdar are seen a book in their living room in this picture.

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