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Great News: PM Narendra Modi after India's leopard count increases to 12,852

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday (December 22, 2020) expressed happiness over the increasing population of leopards in India and called it a ‘great news’.

PM Modi’s message comes following the announcement by the Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Prakash Javadekar, who said that India’s leopards’ count has increased to 12,852.

In a tweet, Prime Minister Modi said, “Great news! After lions and tigers, the leopard population increases.”

He added, “Congratulations to all those who are working towards animal conservation. We have to keep up these efforts and ensure our animals live in safe habitats.” 

Earlier on Monday, Prakash Javadekar released the Status of Leopards report and said that increase in tiger, lion and leopards numbers over the last few years is a testimony to the conservation efforts and of the fledgeling wildlife & biodiversity of the country.

India now has 12,852 leopards as compared to the previous estimate of 7,910 conducted in 2014. More than 60% increase in population has been recorded. 

Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra recorded the highest leopard estimates at 3,421, 1,783 and 1,690 respectively.

Speaking on the occasion, Javadekar remarked that monitoring of the tiger in India has clearly shown its umbrella role in the ecosystem, which has shed light on other charismatic species like the Leopard.

India’s world record tiger survey also estimated the population of leopards and the tiger range was found home to 12,852 (12,172-13,535) leopards. They occur in prey rich protected areas as well as multi-use forests.

A total of 5,240 adult individual leopards were identified in a total of 51,337 leopard photographs using pattern recognition software. The statistical analysis estimates the leopard population at – 12,800 leopards within the tiger’s range.

In June this year, PM Modi took to social media to make an announcement that the population of the majestic Asiatic Lion, living in Gujarat’s Gir Forest, is up by almost 29%.

“Geographically, distribution area is up by 36%. Kudos to the people of Gujarat and all those whose efforts have led to this excellent feat,” said PM Modi.

The population of Asiatic Lions has reportedly shown a steady increase with a population of 674 individuals with an increased rate of 28.87% (one of the highest growth rate so far) from the previous growth of 27% during 2015 (523 lions).

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