Hindustani Bhau Reveals He’s Getting Calls From BIG People After He Filed Case Against Ekta Kapoor

Hindustani Bhau Reveals He's Getting Calls From BIG People After He Filed Case Against Ekta Kapoor



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Recently, Vikas Pathak aka Hindustani Bhau filed case against Ekta Kapoor and her mother Shobha Kapoor at the Khar police station as he claimed that they insulted army personnel in their ALT Balaji’s show, XXX. In his latest video, Bhau revealed that he has been getting calls from big people after filing the case against the producer.

Hindustani Bhau shared a video in which he revealed that after he filed case against Ekta, he started getting so many calls from people that it felt like she is running their households and seemed like she is only sending them ration. He even called Ekta, Ek thi khabootar!

Hindustani Bhau Reveals Hes Getting Calls From BIG People After He Filed Case Against Ekta Kapoor

Bhau added that these BIG people wanted to sit and talk with him. He clarified that he is not ready to sit and talk and wants Ekta to apologise to Indian Army as she and her mother Shobha Kapoor have insulted the Indian army.

The ex-Bigg Boss contestant also said that nobody can buy him with money and people who are making such requests should feel ashamed.

The YouTuber added that he is getting a lot of pressure and the police who is investigating it is also in pressure. He asked people to use hash tag #ektakapoorshobhakapoorindianarmysemaafimaang. Many of them supported Bhau for raising voice against Ekta Kapoor. A few even wanted ban on the series.

Ekta hasn’t responded yet to this complaint. It has to be seen how Ekta will respond to the same!

For the uninitiated, in one of the scenes of XXX, an army officer’s wife allegedly insults his uniform by making her boyfriend wear it in his absence. She was later seen tearing off the uniform getting intimate with her lover. Hindustani Bhau feels that the scene is disrespectful towards the Indian Army and is an attempt to insult our soldiers. Post his complaint, he was seen trending on Twitter. Also, netizens trended #ALTBalaji_Insults_Army.

Meanwhile, a YouTube video, where an unidentified person in an Indian Army uniform was seen speaking against Ekta Kapoor’s depiction of extramarital affairs, was doing the rounds on social media.

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