Father’s Day 2020: This’s How Bollywood Celebs Wished Their Super Dads! | Father’s Day 2020 Bollywood Celebs Wishes

Father's Day 2020: This's How Bollywood Celebs Wished Their Super Dads! | Father's Day 2020 Bollywood Celebs Wishes



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The world is celebrating Father’s Day 2020, today (June 21, 2020). When it comes to Bollywood, the popular faces of the industry have made sure that they make this occasion memorable. The popular celebs wished their super dads on Father’s Day with some adorable social media posts, to the much excitement of the fans and cine-goers.

From Amitabh Bachchan to Anushka Sharma, Madhuri Dixit, Soha Ali Khan, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, and others, took to their respective social media pages to share some rare pictures and videos of their loving fathers, along with special messages.

Fathers Days 2020: Thiss How Bollywood Celebs Wished Their Super Dads! | Fathers Day 2020 Bollywood Celebs Wishes

Amitabh Bachchan, the biggest superstar of Hindi cinema, dedicated a special post for his late father, the legendary poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan on Father Day 2020. ‘हमें पढ़ाओ न… रिश्तों की कोई और किताब… पढ़ी है बाप के चेहरे की… झुर्रियाँ हम ने…!!‘, wrote Big B on his post.

Anushka Sharma shared some unseen stills with her father Colonel Ajay Kumar Sharma from her wedding album, this father’s day. ‘A conversation between my papa and me when he would drive me to pre University college before he went to his office on his Army posting in Bangalore…

Papa- “Always do the right thing in life no matter how hard it is . You will always come out happier and at peace with yourself “

Me- “But how will I know what’s the right thing to do in all situations in life “

Papa-“For that, pray for wisdom. Wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong and the strength to choose the right thing always “

I pray that you all find the same wisdom that I pray for daily and I pray that all girls are blessed with a father like mine 🙏❤️‘, the actress wrote on her post.

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