Exclusive Interview: 9 Months Host Maria Goretti Gives Tips To New Moms

Exclusive Interview: Maria Goretti Opens Up About 9 Months Season 5; Gives Tips To New Moms

9 Months is a popular web show about parenthood and childcare. Every season, a new theme is discussed on the show. After successful four seasons, the makers are back with the fifth season. In an exclusive interview with Filmibeat, host Maria Goretti opened up about the new series, shared her experience of doing the show and also gave some valuable tips to women (about how to manage during COVID-19 times) and new moms. Excerpts from the interview with Maria.

Please share your experience working on 9 Months Season 5

I have been with Dimple (director), who handled the project last time. When she called me and said that she is doing season 5, I was very excited, firstly, to work with her as she is fantastic director and she knows what works for the show and takes the show in that direction. Also, it is always wonderful to be with other women- moms, caretakers doctors, psychologists- it was a lovely session because big time we did not meet anyone face to face due to lockdown. Unlike this show where we used to go out together and have conversations, this time everything was over a video call. So, it was different, but the essence and content of the show is the same. It is about children, looking after their physical, spiritual and all aspects of them, how to keep them occupied during lockdown, what kind of food they should be eating, how the house should be kept, sanitization and everything. It was wonderful to be a part of it because there is so much to learn every time you do a show like this and interact with other mums.

What can audiences expect in this season?

There is a lot of emphasis this time on vaccines, sanitization during COVID times, emphasis on children’s state of mind- the fact that children at the age of 2 were going to playschool, are now all sitting at home, so there is no interaction.

You are an author, a food blogger and host, how do you maintain work-life balance, especially during this pandemic?

I like to stay busy and like to be doing work. I think i take plenty of time to lay back and relax also. So, it is not too much and when it gets too much, I kind of shut everything and just stay quiet.

How are you managing things with two kids during the pandemic?

My kids are much older so it’s slightly easier. Having said that Online classes are not a way to go, I am just waiting for schools to re-open, so that the kids can go back to school and are not always online. What’s sad is that what has happened now in the pandemic is all the efforts of keeping kids away from being online, has gone for a toss. Because these days, everything is online like school is online, homework and meeting friends is online and this is not a normal way to be. I feel bad for all our kids because the time they would have been going out, meeting friends playing sports, they are losing their precious time due to the pandemic.

Exclusive Interview: 9 Months Host Maria Goretti Gives Tips To New Moms

This pandemic has somewhere exhausted everyone, especially working women. With their spouse working from home and kids getting cranky with online classes, it becomes too much sometimes. Do you have any tips for them on how to manage?

Even I am struggling to keep myself a bit sane. I don’t have any rule book to share on this matter but I think what I do is, I do as much as I can, I don’t force much to do things because in these times you can’t. When something like this happens, I think what you got to do is to do as much as you can possibly, and not to push yourself too much.

Any tips for the parents, especially new moms?

Every mom is different, every parenting is different, every child is different, you can’t say this goes for everyone. Having said that one thing that helped me as a mom, is that I kept timing on when to go to sleep, that relaxed me a bit, as when they went to sleep, I would do get some time for myself like reading newspaper and sit for a bit of time. That helped me as I had a schedule in place for them, when they were much smaller, but now of course if I make any schedule no body follows it (laughs!).

On a parting note, Maria asked her fans to look after themselves, which in turn will help them look after everybody else.

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