Exclusive! Director Ram Madhvani Opens Up About Sushmita Sen’s Return To Screen With Aarya

Ram Madhvani Talks About Sushmita Sen's Return To Screen


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Sushmita Sen starrer Aarya is all set to release in two weeks, on June 19. Last week, the makers released the trailer and fans are excited to see the actress on the screen once again, after a long time. Written, produced and co-directed by Neerja fame director Ram Madhvani, the drama series is about a mother willing to do anything to protect her family.

Exclusive! Director Ram Madhvani Opens Up About Sushmita Sens Return To Screen With Aarya

Talking to Filmibeat about the upcoming Hotstar Special show, filmmaker Ram Madhvani said that he has been receiving a positive response to the trailer. “It feels like we have hit a sixer with the trailer. People said they have found it dramatic and are excited about the show. They are happy to see Sushmita and Chandrachur Singh back, and it looks like a show that people are interested in watching so I am really relieved and happy,” he said.

As for the story, Ram said that Aarya is about relationships and family, and added, “Neerja was also a hijack film but it was really about the mother-daughter relationship, similarly, Aarya also has action but it is more about family and how far a mother will go to keep her children safe. The show is more of a drama than a crime thriller. It’s more about a mother wanting to protect her children and to do that Sushmita’s character will have to go to great lengths. I am more interested in seeing how the character works with each other and their relationships are affected than the crime part of the show.”

Aarya Is Based On Dutch Show Penoza

Aarya Is Based On Dutch Show Penoza

Madhvani also revealed that Aarya is a remake of the Dutch show Penoza (2010) and it took him nine years to fit it in an Indian setting. “I wanted to adapt the great story and strong characters of Penoza. It took me a long time to figure out how to adapt to an Indian story. It’s like adapting Shakesphere you take the story and adapt it to your surrounding.”

Ram Madhavni On Sushmita Sen's Return To Set

Ram Madhavni On Sushmita Sen’s Return To Set

Revealing how the leading star Sushmita Sen came on board with the project, Ram said that he is thankful for her excitement for the show. “I had just shared the story with Sushmita, and she said he had liked Neerja and trusts in the kind of work I did. She was just so excited after listing to Aarya’s story. Sushmita was very motivated to work on the project and she said, ‘I have been waiting for something like this for ten years.’ She was like a child, and said she wants to do the show and will do it. I was just so happy for the motivation and enthusiasm. She is a true star, and I have worked with her before and was so happy when she said yes to Aarya.”

Sushmita Sen Is A Star: Ram Madhavani

Sushmita Sen Is A Star: Ram Madhavani

Sushmita Sen, last seen in Anil Kapoor-starrer No Problem in 2010, is making her digital debut with Aarya and returning to screen after a decade. When asked about her return on sets, Madhvani revealed that he couldn’t have asked for a better actress to work with.

“She (Sushmita) is always on time. As a mother, she has other responsibilities so when she comes on set she is there for you and gives you her time and is very focused. She knows how to work with a camera, she has done all of it before. The best thing about having her on set was that she embraced my filming process, to unravel and make it look real on-screen. For the first time, she also did acting workshops with the other directors (Sandeep Modi, Vinod Rawat) and with me. She was fantastic I couldn’t have asked for anyone better,” said Ram.

Ram Madhavni Films To Back Stories To Move Its Audience

Ram Madhavni Films To Back Stories To Move Its Audience

Talking about his new production house Ram Madhvani Films, he added, “I want to share stories with a value system, and we are here for all kinds of stories. I am in the business of emotions and feelings I want to the audience laugh and cry. So we will be looking at stories that will emotionally alter your mood, that’s what I would like to do.”

Apart from Sushmita Sen, Aarya also stars Chandrachur Singh, Sikander Kher, Ankur Bhatia, Alexx ONell, Namit Das and Manish Choudhary in pivotal roles. The show will premiere on Disney Plus Hotstar on June 19, 2020.

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