Exclusive! Dino Morea About Tandav & Plans To Return To Big Screen: I Am In Far Better Place Right Now

Exclusive! Dino Morea About Tandav & Plans To Return To Big Screen: I Am In Far Better Place Right Now

Dino Morea Says Tandav Will Suprise The Audience

Morea went on to say that each episode will surprise the audience. He added, “Its a web of lies, madness and deceit. The show is like any other well-told complicated mystery. You won’t know who is playing and who is being played. I don’t like to make comparisons but its as intricate as House of Cards. I am very eager for people to watch it because they are going to be so caught up in the narration and Tandav’s visual storytelling.”

“I think everyone would love the show. It is a great story and a great show. Even the show is set in a political background but it talks about people and relationships and the cat and mouse game that takes place,” said Dino.

When asked if any characters are inspired by real political figures, the Raaz actor said, “It is all written fictional but people draw comparisons from their experience. All stories are inspired from real life, even if it is a fictional story you have seen it somewhere or heard it. People are always going to draw references but it doesn’t matter.”

Dino Morea Was Last Seen In Mentalhood & Hostages 2

Dino Morea Was Last Seen In Mentalhood & Hostages 2

Dino also reacted to the rumours of the show almost being named ‘Dilli’. He said, “From day one I preferred Tandav for a simple reason. Tandav is a dance form, and in the show, you can’t tell who making whom dance. Somebody is always dancing to somebody else’s tunes and everyone is being played. That’s why Tandav was the perfect name.”

Talking about his OTT career, Dino said that the digital audience has been treating him well. “OTT is treating me really well. I have got good response for Mentalhood as well as Hostages 2. I really hope and do believe people will also love what I have done in Tandav. OTT is a beautiful and immersive space. I am reading so many shows that have been offered to me and the writing is outstanding.”

“I don’t think we are resorting to mediocracy anymore. Everyone is just excelling at what they do. As for where do I see myself, I love the characters and roles that are being offered to me. And it is giving an opportunity to explore and just do great stuff and chew on every role. Unlike what I was being offered in films,” Dino added.

Dino Morea Will Be Seen In Tandav, And Moghuls In 2021

Dino Morea Will Be Seen In Tandav, And Moghuls In 2021

Talking about his hiatus from acting and his past experience in Bollywood, Dino revealed, “My heart is in acting, and I have been waiting for a good movie to do for the big screen. People call and say, ‘Kaha gayap hogaye ho tum?’ but I am here saying, ‘Mujhe ek kaash offer tho dedo’. People make these bold comments that ‘Dino you should have been in this movie’. but when it comes down to putting a cast together, they are all like, ‘who will sell, and who won’t sell’ all that game happens.”However, he did not let the negativity get to him. The actor planned on working on himself and getting better. He added, “The offers that I got back in the day, they started getting from bad to worse. I didn’t want to dig my grave any further or be part of something not great. People were putting things in my mind like, out of sight out of mind, but I didn’t get insecure. I decided to work on myself, keep practising and waiting for the opportunity. Then I can show people what I can do. I have matured as an actor, as a person and you can see it in my work today. I am in a far better place right now.”

Back in 2020, Dino Morea turned producer and is awaiting for the release of his film, Helmet. The film has been stalled due to the pandemic but the actor has chosen to look at the bright side. He said, “the pandemic has opened up people’s eyes as to how they can consume entertainment. Theatres were shut so the only way people could consume entertainment was through web series and TV. There is a big shift in content creation and entertainment. You have to move with the generation and have got to create for them right now. We are already pitching something and will talk about it soon. As a producer, for me it’s about creating content whether it goes on the big screen or goes to web or TV.”

Dino Morea shared that his fans can expect “a good looking and fit me (laughs).” He will be seen in Tandav as well as a book adaptation titled Moghuls. The actor revealed he is in talks for a film for the big screen but won’t reveal anything yet. He said, “let me sign it and then will talk about it more. 2021 is going to be a fantastic year.”

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