Ekta Kapoor Supported By Defence Expert Major Mohommed Ali Shah In Triple X 2 Controversy

Ekta Kapoor Supported By Defense Expert Major Mohommed Ali Shah In Triple X 2 Controversy



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Producer Ekta Kapoor was subjected to cyber bullying over certain scenes in her web series XXX Uncensored 2. The scenes in her show were perceived to insult army personnel, by ex-Bigg Boss contestant Vikas Phatak. Ekta even apologised for those scenes and even deleted them from the series.

However, the controversy quickly went out of hand when Vikas, aka Hindustani Bhau, started to make comments on Ekta and her family on social media. She and her mother received rape and death threats. Ekta, who apologized for the content on her show, took a strong stance against the threats and stated that she will not be made to bow down to it.

Major Mohommed Ali Shah Backs Ekta In Triple X-2 Controversy

Now, international TEDx speaker and defence expert, Major Mohommed Ali Shah has come out in support of Ekta, and stated that this is not the way of the armed forces. In a video where he addresses this issue, Shah urges people to express their disagreements in a civil manner.

He further said that the army’s ethos is to show respect towards women and children. He pointed that there is no patriotism in using that as a justification to threaten women with rape and death, morphing their pictures, and trolling her. “It all amounts to cyber crime,” he said.

Shah assured that no one from the army will indulge in such activities, and that it is miscreants who resort to it. His message to people was to deal with such issues in a mature manner, and requested that the army not be dragged into it. “The army is an organisation of a lot of dignity and honour. Let’s not demean that,” he signed off.

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