Divyanka Tripathi On COVID-19 Crisis: ‘We All Are Going To Get Infected, Eventually’

Divyanka Tripathi On COVID-19 Crisis: ‘We All Are Going To Get Infected, Eventually’



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Divyanka Tripathi, who has been in quarantine with husband Vivek Dahiya at their apartment in Mumbai, is slowly gearing up for Unlock 1.0. The Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress confessed that there is a sense of panic due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases by stating that “We all are going to get infected eventually.” Therefore, she stressed on the fact that everyone has to be very careful about their health while stepping out as there’s no vaccine in sight.

Divyanka said, “The moment the lockdown is lifted completely, people are going to come out and I feel that there will be an explosion of corona, the number of cases will just increase in leaps and bounds. Only our immunity will have to build up accordingly. So, we have to keep making people aware of the dos and don’ts.”

Divyanka Tripathi

The actress then pointed out that this is when celebrities have to come in the picture, to put their stature to good use by disseminating the right information, and to spread awareness. She explained, “When we speak about any issue, people do take it seriously — be it fashion trends or charity. People follow in our footsteps, so we should be careful about what we say and do. I’ve seen a change whenever I’ve tried to send out a positive message. We all should feel responsible and keep on spreading the right information.”

Divyanka concluded by hoping that the current crisis will make way for some positive changes especially with regards to following good hygiene. “Before this, there was no concept of social distancing; cleanliness was in the least of priorities for people. In our country, people spit everywhere and there’s no concept of queuing. Hopefully, now people will be mindful of all these things and remember they can contract any kind of communicable diseases because of the irresponsible behaviour,” she said.

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