Disha Salian Friends Whatsapp Texts Detail What Happened Before Her Death

Disha Salian Friends Whatsapp Texts Detail What Happened Before Her Death



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Many questions are being raised on Disha Salian’s death. Disha was a former manager of the late Sushant Singh Rajput, who allegedly died by suicide after falling from the 14th floor of a high-rise building.

According to a news report, Disha was partying with her friends and fiance on the night of her death. She locked herself in her room after a sudden bout of depression. When her friends broke open the door, they found that she had jumped off the balcony.

Disha’s Friends’ Texts Detail What Happened Before Her Death

India Today, which claims to have accessed Disha’s friends’ Whatsapp texts, revealed what happened in the few hours leading up to her death. According to the messages, Disha, her friends and her fiancé were partying at night. After consuming a large amount of alcohol, Disha had a bout of deep sadness and said, ‘no one cares about anyone anymore.’

When one of her friends told her to not be a ‘party pooper’, Disha allegedly went and locked herself in a room. After a while, when her friends could not get a response from Disha, her fiancé and others broke open the door to find that she had fallen from the balcony.

The report further claimed that Disha was alive when her friends rushed downstairs to her, but was declared dead upon being taken to a hospital.

These details of Disha’s death was shared on her college friends’ Whatsapp group, reported India Today. They were found to be true upon police verification.

This stands in the face of various conspiracy theories connecting her death to that of Sushant Singh Rajput’s, who died almost a week after Disha, on June 14. BJP MP and Maharashtra’s former Chief Minister Narayan Rane had alleged that Disha had been raped and murdered, and that Sushant knew of this and was threatened by the same group which had killed Disha.

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