Dayanand Shetty Aka Inspector Daya Opens Up About The CID Cast Making A Comeback With A New Show

Dayanand Shetty On CID Cast Reuniting For A New Show



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CID was one of the longest-running (21 years) shows on Indian television. And ever since it went off the air in 2018, fans have been eagerly waiting for a sequel to the show. It was also re-broadcast during the COVID-19 lockdown on popular demand. And now, according to the latest reports, the lead cast Dayanand Shetty, Shivaji Satam and Aditya Srivastava will reunite for another thriller show that will come this year.

Dayanand aka Daya shed some light on the same and told E Times, “The whole cast of CID has been in touch with each other. We all in fact misses the show and even today on a regular basis we share anecdotes of the CID days. We have spent more than two decades with each other, which is a really long time, and we miss each other’s company.”


On being quizzed about their return, the actor shared, “We cannot rule the possibility of the CID team’s comeback. We have been approached in the past too for a comeback by different channels but back then things couldn’t materialise, sometimes because of finance, sometimes, because of other things. At the moment too talks are on for our comeback. If everything materialises, there is a possibility that the team of CID will make a comeback in 2021. The cast is going to be the same but the format will be different of course!”

Dayanand then said that in spite of not being on any social media platform, he keeps hearing from fans that they continue to follow CID to this date on various platforms. However, the Singham Returns actor asserted that he does not plan on joining social media and feels happy not being there. He adds, “Even on Whatsapp, I came very late, that too because it became a necessity for us. Social media ek beemari hai, ek menace hai according to me.”

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