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Bollywood news: I am committed to taking risk in career, says Sobhita Dhulipala

Mumbai: Actress Sobhita Dhulipala wants to continue her journey as a risk-taker and does not want to live a predictable life.

“I am committed to taking risk in career and in life. What scares me is what if I lose out on the confidence to take new challenges. Hopefully, that never happens. I do not want to live a predictable life. Perhaps that is why change does not worry me, stagnancy does. Every change that is happening now is teaching us something. For us actors, vanity, popularity, beauty — all these things at times hold us back to take risks. That’s the only thing I do not want. I do not want vanity to take away my enthusiasm to take risk and that joy of acting, the joy of performing!” Sobhita told IANS.

Starting her Bollywood career with Anurag Kashyap’s “Raman Raghav 2.0”, she has acted in films such as “Kaalakaandi”, “Goodachari”, and “Moothon”. On OTT platforms, she has been seen in the shows “Made In Heaven” and “Bard Of Blood” and the digital film, “Ghost Stories”.

Recalling her first-ever audition, she said: “That was my first audition and I bagged the role. That was the moment I realise that I actually love acting! This is my true calling! I did not know it before. Otherwise, I would have directly looked for such an opportunity instead of participating in beauty pageants and modelling. I always had a love for storytelling, it is a sacred thing to me. But I think all is a part of my journey and I learnt a lot about makeup, camera and many things during my modelling days.”

Sobhita participated in Miss Earth 2013 and the general assumption could be that she always had an inclination towards acting. However, she says she was quite the “teacher’s pet” in school.

“I spent a good amount of time in the library because I loved reading books and was busy earning grades! I was not at all a ‘cool kid’ in school, so nobody even imagined, including me, that I could be someone in the glamour industry. At the end of my college days I just thought of participating in a beauty pageant. Since I had to plan and it was just a ‘karke dekhte hai, kya hota hai’ type attitude, there was a certain innocence, too. Perhaps that is why I am not the ‘heroine’ type, you know! But I am happy the way my career has panned out so far,” Sobhita signed off.

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