Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar: Nikki Tamboli Becomes First Confirmed Contestant Of The Season

Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar: Nikki Tamboli Becomes First Confirmed Contestant Of The Season



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Salman Khan begins the first Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 14 by welcoming the audience to Bigg Boss house theatre. He watches the ongoing immunity task from the theatre and the audience also get to witness the proceedings.

Abhinav Shukla gets disqualified because of Rubina Dilaik and loses his immunity as the toofani seniors object to Rubina giving water to Abhinav. Rubina loses her cool when she sees Abhinav in pain. She screams and asks Bigg Boss to send a doctor whilst accusing everyone of being unfair and biased in the task.

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Eventually, Nikki Tamboli and Pavitra Punia win the immunity task. Sidharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan are seen praising Nikki for having won the immunity task twice and proving her mettle. On the other hand, Rubina is seen telling that the seniors had a problem with Abhinav receiving help but Gauahar Khan was more than happy to help Nikki instead and that the trio has been supporting her throughout.

Later, Salman Khan resumes his spot on the stage and congratulates Nikki and Pavitra

for their performance. He reprimands Abhinav, Sara Gurpal and Nishant Malkhani was just being silent spectators and not actively participating in the proceedings of the house. Salman also states that Rubina and Nikki are the only two contestants who stand up for themselves. He says Rubina has what it takes to be the winner but advises hubby Abhinav to stay away from her game as she is very much capable of doing things on her own.

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Salman then gives Nikki 2-minute access to the BB Mall and says that she can take as many things as she wants. She makes the most of the opportunity and picks many dresses, headbands, shoes and more.

Salman then informs the housemates that immunity holders Pavitra and Nikki could soon become as important as seniors. But the toofani trio can only choose one person out of the two to become the first confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss 14. Hina, Gauahar and Sidharth are seen discussing separately and they pick Nikki as the confirmed fresher. Salman congratulates Nikki Tamboli and informs her that she will soon receive some special that involve making rules for everyone in the house.

Finally, Salman gives a sneak peek of Sunday’s episode and says that one of the nominated contestants will be eliminated. He bids farewell for the night by advising the audience to stay safe and healthy.

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