Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar January 3 Highlights: Salman Continues To Grill The Housemates; Sunny Leone Enters The House

Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar January 3 Highlights: Salman Continues To Grill The Housemates; Sunny Leone Enters The House



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The January 3 episode of Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar begins with Salman Khan discussing the ugly fight between Vikas Gupta and Aly Goni. He then shows a clip of the housemates targeting Vikas and Rakhi Sawant even in the matter of food. Rakhi is seen complaining about how no one wants to cook for her. Later, Vikas also complains that his appetite is bigger and will now cook for himself. He also brings to light the topic of inequality when it comes to food. Rakhi says food is wasted but people do not give us.

This leads to Aly jumping in telling Vikas that if he cooks thrice a day then rationing will be affected. He then accuses Vikas of garnering sympathy and says that he has unnecessary problems. Abhinav Shukla tries to talk to Vikas and states that he has a solution. He starts crying and leaves the living area while Arshi Khan tries to console him. Rubina Dilaik claims that Vikas is trying to gain sympathy and to show himself as a victim.

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After showing the clip, Salman Khan enters the house and questions, Rubina, as to how Vikas is planning to gain sympathy in the show. He also expresses his disgust over how housemates are making Rakhi a target in the house. The actor takes a break from them and shows the audience another clip where Jasmin Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli demean and gang-up against Rakhi.

Nikki is seen ordering Rakhi to do the dishes while Jasmin comments on Rakhi’s cosmetic surgery. Vikas is the only one seen supporting and trying to shield Rakhi from the taunts. Salman schools Jasmin and Nikki for the behaviour and Rubina for being their silent partner. He also tells Nikki that she has no respect for seniors. He then tells Jasmin that her face and personality are not matching anymore. Jasmin starts crying. Salman asks everyone to have more empathy.

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This is followed by Salman condemning Aly’s behaviour towards Vikas in yesterday’s episode. Vikas starts crying in front of the host and saying that he needed the show but people accuse him of blackmail or comment about his sexuality. Aly tries to justify by stating that some things have happened in the outside world, which has resulted in his frustrated and angry behaviour towards Vikas. Aly then alleges that Vikas has gone downright personal about him and Jasmin. Salman Khan tries to explain things to Aly but he refuses to budge and even calls Vikas a liar.

Salman then reveals Aly’s plan he made during the immunity task. He tells everyone that the older set of contestants have formed a group to be together and play. However, Eijaz Khan does add that he did not wish to be part of any ‘Gathbandhan.’ Salman also informs Nikki and Arshi that they are being used as baits by others to keep their own image clean. He tells Arshi that she is making a fool of herself by trusting Aly and Rahul Vaidya.

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Later, Salman Khan welcomes Sunny Leone on the stage. She then enters the Bigg Boss house 14 and meets the contestants who are super excited to see her. During her task, Sunny Leone first calls Eijaz Khan for a check-up and Eijaz ends up revealing that he is in love with Pavitra Punia and that he is ready for the relationship. Sunny also makes Aly propose to Jasmin and gives ‘champi’ to Vikas Gupta. He says people fear Rubina on the show, and Jasmin is a smart player. The episode concludes with Salman Khan telling the housemates that the eviction will take place on Monday.

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