Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights: Salman Khan Makes Rubina Dilaik The Captain; Kashmera Shah Gets Eliminated

Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights: Salman Khan Makes Rubina Dilaik The Captain; Kashmera Shah Gets Eliminated



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The December 20 episode of Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar begins with Aly Goni and Nikki Tamboli’s fight. Aly says he supported Nikki in the duck task but she targeted her in front of Salman Khan. An extremely upset Aly also adds that he did not laugh at her. Nikki hits back at him and says that shouting does not mean you are right. She then calls him senseless and a coward. Aly calls her a fraud ‘aurat’ and a jealous soul.

An angry Nikki pushes him while Aly yells that she should be ashamed of lying so much. Nikki charges at him but other housemates intervene and try to calm her down. Nikki then slams Arshi Khan and calls her the worst person in the house. Arshi also abuses her.

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Jasmin Bhasin tries to be the mediator tells Aly that Nikki really likes him. She also tries to explain things to Nikki and tells her that Aly has never spoken ill about her. Nikki is seen crying while Rubina Dilaik tries to consoles her and says it is okay to cry.

This is followed by Bigg Boss and Salman Khan introduce a fun task for the housemates. In this ‘waxing task,’ the contestants will be asked some questions and based on their answers, the male members of the house will get waxed. Rakhi Sawant is told to wax Rahul Mahajan while Jasmin has to wax for Eijaz Khan. Kashmera Shah does it Manu Punjabi and Nikki performs the task on Aly.

Later, the MPL caller of the week asks Rubina if she trusts Jasmin. She says that they are friends but she does not trust her much. Rubina says she considers Jasmin as healthy competition. This upsets Jasmin and she is seen saying that there is no friendship if there is no trust. She slams Rubina for her high-pitched tone and asks her to speak softly. Things quickly heat up between the duo with Rubina calling Jasmin fake and someone who needs crutches. Jasmin retaliates by saying that she is the one with crutches as she has Abhinav in the house.

Salman then states that from the nominated contestants, Abhinav and Manu have received the least number of votes. He informs Captain Aly that he has the power to eliminate one of them. Aly chooses Abhinav to stay and states that he has no bond with Manu. Salman makes the other housemates understand to take the captaincy task seriously. However, he then reveals that he played a prank on Aly to drive home the message to the contestants.

Salman comes to Rubina and asks as to why she does not want to become the captain, She shares her stance but Manu is seen advising her that she should become captain and set an example. Host Salman agrees with it and snatches Aly’s captaincy and gives it to Rubina. He informs her that she will be given the captain’s special power, responsibility, and privileges but immunity remains continue to be with Aly. Salman also adds that Aly will be getting any opportunities to save any nominated contestant. Salman asks Rubina to start afresh wishes her luck for her captaincy.

He then comes to this week’s elimination and informs that Kashmera has been evicted with the least votes. Kash bids farewell to the BB 14 house after meeting all the housemates and exits from the main door.

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