Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar December 12 Highlights: Salman Khan Slams Arshi As She Misbehaves; Kavita-Abhinav Face-Off

Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar December 12 Highlights: Salman Khan Slams Arshi As She Misbehaves; Kavita-Abhinav Face-Off



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The December 12 episode of Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar begins with Salman Khan making a grand entry on the stage. He tells the audience that the voting lines were closed this week and no elimination will take place. However, it must be noted that the housemates are not unaware of this. Salman Khan meets everyone and welcomes Nikki Tamboli, and Aly Goni back into the house.

The actor then asks the housemates about this week’s task and during Arshi Khan’s turn, he talks about her lips. She says that she knew that Salman will disrespect her and give her a bad name. This does not go down well the host and he gets angry and warns her that he has always been cordial and respectful towards her. He in turn asks Arshi to show a little more respect and restrain while talking with the host especially when he has always been extremely polite with her.

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Arshi tries to take back her words but Salman makes it mighty clear that he won’t entertain such behaviour. He then says that all the feedback that he gives the contestants is for their own good whilst also stating that he does not want to speak to her.

Later, Salman Khan is seen talking about Abhinav Shukla and Kavita Kaushik’s controversy to the viewers. He states that a lot has been spoken about their fight and then welcomes Kavita Kaushik and her husband Ronnit Biswas on stage. Salman tells the duo to discuss their matter with Rubina and Abhinav as he will not be a part of it. He then informs the housemates that Kavita and Ronnit are here to explain certain things.

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Kavita Kaushik states that she did not give a single statement about her BB house exit and that Ronnit was the one who wrote the tweets and they should talk to him. She added that she asked him to delete them it as well. Ronnit tries to justify by saying that he was not happy with the way Abhinav treated Kavita. This is followed by Kavita also giving a long explanation. Abhinav says that he wants to see the messages he sent and he would like to solve the matter via the legal channel.

Rubina Dilaik gets up to speak but loses her cool as she keeps getting interrupted while speaking. Soon Ronnit and Kavita once again start arguing with Rubina and Abhinav and Salman Khan then intervenes. He reprimands Ronnit for putting personal things on social media and asks Abhinav and Rubina to let it go as a lot of time has passed away.

Rubina eventually breaks down and Jasmin Bhasin is seen consoling her. Salman Khan lightens up the mood and bids adieu to the house.

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