Bigg Boss 14 Somvaar Ka Vaar January 11 Highlights: Rubina, Nikki, Rahul And Sonali Get Nominated

Bigg Boss 14 Somvaar Ka Vaar January 11 Highlights: Rubina, Nikki, Rahul And Sonali Get Nominated



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The January 11 episode of Bigg Boss 14 Somvaar Ka Vaar begins with Salman Khan announcing open nominations. This is followed by Arshi Khan and Rubina Dilaik battling it out in the Sultani Akhada. Arshi wins the wrestling task. He then gives another task for the housemates where they need to name a fellow contestant in who’s path they would want to lay thorns going forward in the game.

Rahul Vaidya names Rubina Dilaik as he feels she’s very manipulative. Nikki Tamboli lays thorns in Abhinav Shukla’s path while Vikas Gupta lays thorns in Arshi Khan’s as she doesn’t respect people’s emotions. Sonali Phoagt takes Nikki’s name and Eijaz Khan lays thorns in Rubina’s path as she is very ‘image’ conscious. Rakhi Sawant lays thorns in Rubina’s path and Aly Goni, in return takes Rakhi’s name as she had always wished for Jasmin’s eviction. And finally, Rubina and Abhinav lay thorns in Nikki and Eijaz’s paths respectively.

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Next up, nominations for the week begin with captain Rakhi Sawant being given a special privilege to save one contestant. She saves Abhinav and he comes and gives Rakhi a hug. Salman Khan then reveals to the housemates, that two contestants will enter the confession room at a time and will be given options on which housemate they want to nominate. Vikas and Rubina are the first pair and they have a fierce debate when they have to pick between Rahul and Aly. Eventually, both save Aly from nominations.

In the meantime, Sonali is upset with Rakhi as she didn’t take her name and instead saved Abhinav. Next comes Aly and Rahul’s turn to nominate and they pick Nikki over Arshi. And then, Eijaz and Sonali have to nominate between Rubina and Vikas. They take Rubina’s name and she gets nominated. And finally, Arshi and Nikki decide whether to nominate Sonali and save Eijaz. Hence, at the end of the process, Rubina, Nikki, Rahul And Sonali Get Nominated for this week’s elimination.

Later on in the episode, Aly and Abhinav are seen talking about Jasmin while Nikki and Sonali get into a heated argument over nominations. Nikki is also seen telling Rahul that she wants to ignore him as she is emotionally attached to him. She then warns about Arshi and asks him to not trust her as she will backstab him.

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