Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Mahajan Calls Rakhi Sawant ‘Cheap Celebrity’ In An Ugly Fight; Vikas Gupta Plays Peacemaker

Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Mahajan Calls Rakhi Sawant 'Cheap Celebrity' In An Ugly Fight; Vikas Gupta Plays Peacemaker



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In yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan get into an ugly spat over kitchen duties. For the unversed, Rahul was seen asking Rakhi to accompany him in the garden area. But Rakhi yelled at him and said that she is not interested in talking as she had misunderstood a conversation between captain Vikas Gupta and Rahul. Rahul tried to explain to her his side but Rakhi didn’t budge and continued to yell at him.

A frustrated Rahul lost his cool and told her that she is nobody. Rakhi retaliated by shouting, “Nahi chahiye aisi dosti thu hai tere par.” An agitated Rahul shouted at her saying, “Who the hell is she to ask and enter his personal space? Is she his mother, wife, sister, who is she?” He then ended up calling her a ‘cheap level ki celebrity’ and the audience who watch her were also cheap. Rahul even called her a joke and a mad woman who only does antics.

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An upset Rakhi started crying after hearing all this and while Eijaz Khan, Vikas Gupta, Rubina Diliak and others housemates tried to console her. Rahul’s words also did not go down well with many netizens and he ended up trending on social media.

But what really got everyone’s attention was captain Vikas playing a peacemaker between the warring duo. He helped clear out their differences and made them patch up. He made them hold each other’s hands while maintaining eye contact. Rahul is seen telling Rakhi that he forgives her while Rakhi says, we are no more friends. The video was shared by Vikas’ team on his Instagram account. Take a look!

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