Bigg Boss 14 October 29 Highlights: Eijaz Khan Becomes The New Captain, Kavita Kaushik Loses Her Cool

Bigg Boss 14 October 29 Highlights: Eijaz Khan Becomes The New Captain, Kavita Kaushik Loses Her Cool



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On October 29 episode Bigg Boss 14, the captaincy task named ‘BB world tour’ enters its final leg. Red zone contestants, Rahul Vaidya and Pavitra Punia plan and target Abhinav Shukla’s bag together. This irks Rubina Dilaik who is seen yelling that Abhinav is the ‘clear winner’ and is the captain of the house. Pavitra loses cool over Runbina’s allegations of violence and the ‘upbringing’ comment.

In an unexpected turn of events, Rahul is seen apologizing to Jaan Kumar Sanu for the nepotism comments he made a few days ago. Rahul confessed that he had no idea that Jaan’s parents were separated.

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Soon, Bigg Boss asks Naina to name the bag that’s been left out of the red zone. She takes Eijaz’s name. As a result, BB names Eijaz as the captain of the house. Nikki Tamboli, Jaan, and Rahul express happiness while Pavitra warmly embraces Eijaz for winning the captainship. Eijaz then discusses house duties with the green zone contestants.

Later, in the night, Kavita Kaushik and Eijaz get into a huge fight. The former accuses Eijaz of triggering her and asks him to leave her alone. Kavita continues to taunts Eijaz and reveals that she had no friendship with Eijaz outside the house.

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The next day begins with Kavita regretting her fight with Eijaz. She confesses the same to Naina during a chat. On the other hand, Eijaz is seen advising Jaan, Nikki, Rahul and Pavitra to be a group and play as a team.

Bigg Boss announces the first ‘tabadla’ task of the season. He tells Eijaz that he will be given a ‘big responsibility’ as the captain. BB adds that the housemates who are currently in the red zone can now save themselves while nominating green zone contestants in exchange. But they must prove that they are better than the green zone contender by giving valid reasons. However, the final call for ‘swapping aka switching’ will be with Eijaz.

The task begins with Nikki and she nominates Kavita whilst stating that she is not interesting and doesn’t use her brain during the task. Kavita tries defending herself but Eijaz sends Kavita to the red zone and saves Nikki. This is immediately followed by Eijaz getting emotional in front of Nikki. He is seen telling her in private that he is badly affected by Kavita’s ‘used me’ comment and breaks down.

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