Bigg Boss 14: MNS Leader Slams Jaan Kumar Sanu For Telling Nikki Tamboli Not To Speak In Marathi

Bigg Boss 14: MNS Leader Slams Jaan Kumar Sanu For Telling Nikki Tamboli Not To Speak In Marathi



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Bigg Boss 14 contestant and renowned singer Kumar Sanu’s son Jaan recently came under the radar of Raj Thackeray’s political party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS). In one of the recent episodes, Jaan Kumar Sanu asked Nikki Tamboli not to speak in Marathi. Well, this comment didn’t go down well with MNS Chitrapat Sena chief Ameya Khopkar, as he has threatened to take action against Jaan Sanu.

Bigg Boss 14: MNS Leader Slams Jaan Kumar Sanu

For the unversed, during one of the fights, Bigg Boss 14 contestants Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya started speaking in Marathi. Jaan thought she is talking against him in front of Rahul. Hence, Jaan told Nikki not to speak in Marathi. However, MNS leader Ameya Khopkar took to Twitter and threatened Kumar Sanu’s son for disrespecting the regional language.

Khopkar tweeted (Marathi), “जान कुमार सानू… मराठी भाषेची याला चीड येते म्हणे. अरे तू कीड आहेस मोठी… मुंबईतून हाकलून देण्यासाठी मी नाॅमिनेट करतोय याला. (Jaan Kumar Sanu… You are annoyed with Marathi Language. You are a big inspect… I am nominating him to throw him out of Mumbai).”

Ameya Khopkars tweet

In another tweet, the MNS leader wrote, “मुंबईत राहून तर आता तुझं करिअर कसं बनतं जान सानू तेच बघतो आता मी.लवकरच तुला स्वत:ची चीड येईल ही माझी गॅरंटी. तुला थोबडवनार लवकरच आता आम्ही मराठी. आणि कलर्ससारख्या वाहिनीने खरंतर हा सीन वगळायला हवा होता, पण एडिट केलं नाही ते बरं झालं, गद्दारांची तोंडं कशी असतात ते समजलं. (I will make sure that you will not progress in your career in Mumbai. I guarantee that you will soon be annoyed with yourself. We Marathis will slap you very soon. A channel like Colors should have edited the scene, but thankfully they didn’t edit it, as we got to know the real face of traitors).”

Ameya Khopkar tweet

After Ameya Khopkar’s tweet, Colors TV shared an apology note on Twitter. The statement reads, “We at COLORS apologise for the remarks in relation to Marathi language made on the Bigg Boss episode aired on Tuesday 27th October. We had no intentions of hurting sentiments of the people of Maharashtra.”

Colors Apology

Kumar Sanu has not yet reacted to this controversy.

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