Bigg Boss 14 January 8 Highlights: Eijaz, Rahul, Rakhi And Sonali Get Emotional After Seeing Their Loved Ones

Bigg Boss 14 January 8 Highlights: Eijaz, Rahul, Rakhi And Sonali Get Emotional After Seeing Their Loved Ones



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The January 8 episode of Bigg Boss 14 begins with the continuation of the family task. For the unversed, Bigg Boss has given the contestants 100 minutes to interact with their family members. However, the housemates have to decide themselves as to who will get what amount of time to meet their respective loved ones. Rakhi Sawant and Arshi Khan discuss who will come to meet them and Rakhi Sawant ends up revealing to Arshi that she married him due to some issues.

Sonali Phogat gets 7 minutes to spend with her daughter. The mother-daughter duo’s conversation turns everyone emotional. Sonali bids her daughter a teary-eyed farewell while Jasmin Bhasin, Aly Goni, Rubina Dilaik and others rush to hug Sonali. Later, Rakhi cries as she misses her mother and Vikas Gupta consoles her. Rakhi is missing Abhinav Shukla is also seen trying to cheer her up.

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Post Sonali, Rahul Vaidya gets 11 minutes and he starts crying as soon as his mother enters. He even fumbles with the telephone and the duo get extremely emotional. Rahul’s mom praises him and gives Disha’s special message. Rahul is seen kissing his mother’s hands and even cheering her up. She also says they have begun preparations for his wedding. And for captaincy, she picks Sonali and bids adieu.

Later, Eijaz Khan gets 14 minutes to meet his brother and he turns extremely emotional on seeing him. Eijaz is seen asking for everyone’s updates and his brother also tries to cheer him up. Imran adds that he is proud of him and asks him to take care of his health. Eijaz says he is now understanding everyone’s value after entering the BB house and promises to stay with his father after the show. Imran asks him to relax and laugh a little more and tells Eijaz that to not be alone.

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Bigg Boss asks Imran to pick between Rakhi and Sonali for captaincy and he names Rakhi whilst stating that she entertains takes care of everyone inside the house. As soon as Imran leaves, Eijaz breaks down again but everyone run outside to console him.

The new morning, Abhinav and Arshi fight over cleaning duties. The latter is later seen crying. This is followed by Rakhi entertaining and flirting with Abhinav. Rakhi also becomes the next contestant to meet her loved one and gets 6 minutes. Soon after Bigg Boss’ announcement, she runs to the theatre room and greets her mother on the video call. Rakhi’s mom reveals that she is in the hospital and Rakhi starts crying and says that she wants her to leave. Rakhi’s mother praises her and asks her to not take tension. She also reveals t Rakhi that her husband Ritesh helped her. An inconsolable Rakhi says she’ll keep a fast for her wellbeing. Post the call, Rubina and Jasmin run to her and everyone is concerned seeing Rakhi’s mother’s health condition

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