Bigg Boss 14 January 21 Highlights: Aly And Abhinav Engage In War Of Words, Rakhi Gets Punished

Bigg Boss 14 January 21 Highlights: Aly And Abhinav Engage In War Of Words, Rakhi Gets Punished



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The January 21 episode of Bigg Boss 14 begins with Devoleena Bhattacharjee asking Rubina Dilaik the reason behind not standing near the door earlier. Rubina then tries to make Nikki understand things and both are seen discussing the situation. Many housemates are seen discussing Nikki’s behaviour in the task.

The next luxury item to arrive is coffee. Bigg Boss informs everyone that the coffee is meant for only one person and eventually, Rakhi Sawant gets the coffee by winning the round. In the meantime, Vikas Gupta alleges Rahul Vaidya of pushing him. Later on, Abhinav Shukla and Aly Goni get into an ugly fight where they name call each other.

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All the housemates are called to the garden area by Bigg Boss. Nikki goes inside amid this and Rubina adds more units to the other team’s board. This leads to another set of arguments among the housemates. They are informed that the task has come to an end. Both Rahul and Rubina declare the units used by their respective teams. Chaos ensues due to the same again. Meanwhile, Aly and Abhinav get into an ugly fight in between

This is followed by Bigg Boss praising all the housemates for their spectacular performances in the task. However, he then does reprimand them as well for breaking some rules. Bigg Boss then asks Both the leaders are asked to count and reveal the units. But since could not decide the same, BB restricts the teams from entering the BB mall. However, they do get the basic ration. Later, Abhinav and Rubina are seen discussing the task while Rahul apologizes to Vikas for whatever happened earlier in the task.

The next morning, Bigg Boss reprimands Rakhi for having shared her coffee with the other housemates. He then punishes her and asks to return the coffee that she earned. Vikas tries explaining to Rakhi the games people play in the house. This leads to a fight between Rakhi and Rubina. The former even breaks down thinking she won’t get the coffee anymore.

The housemates receive a new task named ‘Press for Entertainment,’ where the contestant who gets to press the buzzer first gets to entertain the live audience for an entire hour. The one who wins the task will be given access to the BB mall.

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