Bigg Boss 14 January 18 Highlights: Devoleena Bhattacharjee And Vikas Gupta Enter Post Eijaz Khan’s Exit

Bigg Boss 14 January 18 Highlights: Devoleena Bhattacharjee And Vikas Gupta Enter Post Eijaz Khan's Exit



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The January 18 episode of Bigg Boss 14 begins with Rakhi Sawant turning into Julie and is seen flirting with Abhinav Shukla. This is followed by Rakhi and Arshi Khan lock horns as the latter as hit some of Rakhi’s eatables. Later, Rakhi gets back her things back in the night, when she sees no one is around. Rakhi also indulges in a war of words with Nikki Tamboli. And even calls her Gidhad (Jackal).

The next morning, Rubina Dilaik discusses with housemates about the leftover food. Bigg Boss then calls everyone in the garden area and surprises them by taking away their ration. A bunch of PPE kit clad individuals take away all the food items from the house and the refrigerator. After some time, BB shares the parameters to get the ration back. He tells housemates that it will depend on their behaviour.

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In order to get their ration back, each contestant must name a fellow housemate who they believe was responsible for last week’s task to get cancelled. Rubina Dilaik blames Eijaz Khan for her food issue. And then, Bigg Boss surprises the housemates by informing them that Eijaz Khan will have to make an exit from the show due to his prior commitments. This is accompanied by Devoleena Bhattacharjee entering the show Eijaz’s proxy. They both then nominate Nikki in the task and push her doll in the water tank. In the meantime, Arshi gets emotional after listening about Eijaz’s exit and the housemates are seen consoling her.

Arshi and Rakhi take each other’s name for food issue while Nikki blames Sonali Phogat

Name. Aly Goni, on the other hand, blames Abhinav while Rahul Vaidya pushes Rubina Dilaik’s doll. This is followed by Vikas Gupta re-entering the show. He is also given a chance by BB to name one culprit for the food fiasco and he puts Rahul’s doll in the tank. Bigg Boss then tells Aly to pick eight food items from the BB mall and we see him selecting it from the shelves.

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