Bigg Boss 14 January 12 Highlights: Aly, Eijaz And Rahul Are Up In Arms Against Rakhi And Her Captaincy

Bigg Boss 14 January 12 Highlights: Aly, Eijaz And Rahul Are Up In Arms Against Rakhi And Her Captaincy



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In January 12 episode of Bigg Boss 14, Aly Goni is up in arms against Rakhi Sawant. Most housemates are not happy with Rakhi Sawant’s reign as captain and Goni is the first to initiate. He also expresses disappointment in Rakhi as she wished ill for him and Jasmin. He says that he will never forgive her and starts fighting. The housemates try to calm them.

This is followed by Nikki Tamboli and Vikas Gupta hiding coffee in the kitchen. Nikki is also seen asking Rahul Vaidya to not trust Arshi Khan. In the meantime, Sonali Phogat is seen saying she likes Aly a lot and is losing control thinking about him

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And then, after Aly, Eijaz Khan questions Rakhi’s capabilities as a captain and even tries to make her understand her responsibilities as he has been a captain before. But Rakhi is in no mood to listen and slowly, most housemates go up in arms against Rakhi and refuse to listen to her. Arshi is seen disobeying Rakhi’s orders and even steals stuff from the BB Mall. Rahul declares that he feels Rakhi is the worst Captain ever. Aly also continues to poke Rakhi.

Aly, Arshi and Nikki then accuse Rakhi in unison of telling lies. Rakhi cries before Rubina Dilaik and tells her that Aly, Nikki and Arshi were mocking her for her age and were calling her names. Later Rakhi apologises to Jasmin and says she didn’t get eliminated because of her. She also says she didn’t wish for Aly and Jasmin to get separated. Vikas, on the other hand, tells Aly that Arshi was a flipper but Aly wants to believe her. Rakhi then wants to complain against housemates for making ageist remarks.

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